Refrigerator Magnets

Enhance Your Brand Visibility With Custom Refrigerator Magnets


Fridge Magnets are a fabulous way to spread your word and promote your company message. It will make a fun and subtle way to stick your brand in the minds of potential customers. Custom refrigerator magnets are available in a wide range of models including business card magnets to photo frame magnets to sports schedule […]

Smart Tips To Use Fridge Magnets As Effective Promotional Tools


The basic objective of every business promotion is to increase brand visibility and promote product familiarity. Though fridge magnets are ubiquitous and low cost items that are everywhere, these can be customized to make potent marketing tools for businesses in all niches. Firstly, custom fridge magnets are found in nearly every household.  These brilliantly colored […]

Custom Refrigerator Magnets –  Take your Brand to your Prospects homes


Every fridge can be boring – no matter what’s inside it! Add a pop of fun colors and make  your fridge exciting with these full color custom refrigerator magnets. The best part is that there are fridge magnets in various sizes and shapes that will make it easy for you to get your creative best! […]

Custom Refrigerator Magnets – Smart Branding Solutions On A Budget


Looking for a smart branding solution that fits your modest budget? Look no further than custom fridge magnets. Get your logo, artwork or message imprinted on these full color magnets and get your logo stick to your customers mind.  You can even dream of having customized magnets in any shape or size. Make your custom […]

How Custom Refrigerator Magnets Enhance Your Brand Visibility


Businesses employ different forms of advertising to promote their company. However when they need popular giveaways on a budget that will impress their audience, custom refrigerator magnets will make a great choice. These full color magnets will make its way into refrigerator doors and filing cabinets of your audience thereby making a constant reminder of […]

 Good Reasons To Choose Refrigerator Magnets as handouts


The mere mention of magnets will evoke fun and casual vibes in everyone. Offered in a range of delightful shapes and popular sizes, custom magnets make a subtle way for marketers to get their message on the fridge doors of their recipients where everyone can see it! Custom fridge magnets are not just for business […]

Custom Refrigerator Magnets- Marketing That Sticks


Compared to other forms of advertising, refrigerator magnets ensure you of an incredible ROI that is virtually unheard of elsewhere! On a typical day, anyone will walk past the refrigerator at least 15 times and these full color magnets make 5400 impressions for your brand each year! No other form of marketing can stake this […]

How Custom Refrigerator Magnets Evoke Word Of Mouth Publicity


Fridge magnets may sound plain and ordinary but these can work wonders for your brand promotions. If you are yet to think about refrigerator magnets as a marketing tool, you are missing out a great opportunity to effectively market your business. Here are some reasons how fridge magnets can help you with brilliant marketing: Custom […]

Custom Refrigerator Magnets- Enjoy Everyday Brand Display


Custom refrigerator magnets are one of the smartest forms of marketing as it will display your message every day without being intrusive. Your prospects will see these personalized magnets many times every day, which in turn will strengthen their affinity with your brand. Get your message and artwork imprinted on these magnets to make it […]

How Custom Refrigerator Magnets Ensure More Value For Your Investment


Refrigerator magnets are fun and  colorful; these make great additions to the plain fridge doors and make a subtle way to engage your audience with your brand. High visibility Promotional handouts like custom refrigerator magnets stand out in the sea of giveaways for some solid reasons. High retention While most marketing tools have limited shelf-lives […]