Clip Magnets

The Amazing Promotional Power Of Custom Clip Magnets

Custom Power Ribbon Shaped Magnetic Clips

You will never go wrong with custom magnetic clips in putting your message right on the desks of your recipients every day. Be it on the work desks, filing cabinets or refrigerator doors, these brightly colored clips will keep the little notes, reminders and recipes of your recipients well organized and tidy. The fridge is […]

Make Your Promotional Message Stick longer With Custom Magnetic Clips

Custom Power Ribbon Shaped Magnetic Clips

Magnetic clips– the little wonders that can tidy up the messy piles of papers on your work desks, on the kitchen tables and even on the refrigerator doors! These sturdy clips can hold photos, recipes, to do lists and reminders that we all rely on a daily basis! You can’t go wrong with custom magnet […]

Five Benefits of Custom Clip Magnets

Custom Power Clip Heart

Are you looking for a promotional gift that promotes your brand every day? If yes, then your search ends at these custom clip magnets. From posting pictures and notes to organizing mail and filefolders, clip magnets are used everywhere. An essential item in any house or office, custom clips are something people cannot resist for […]

5 Reasons for Using Magnetic Clips for Business Marketing

5 Reasons for Using Magnetic Clips for Business Marketing

You might have heard lots things about magnetic advertising and its impact on business marketing.  Magnetic advertising has ignited a fire of never ending enthusiasm amidst young and old entrepreneurs. Advertisers working in extremely constrained budgets have found success with various magnetic marketing materials and magnetic clips are just one of them. A clip magnet […]

Clip Magnets – You cannot find a powerful and subtle way of influencing a customer!

Clip magnets have become a powerful promotion tool because it is a very important office accessory. Nowadays businessmen choose to brand these clips with suitable business information. These magnets are also known as magnetic clips and are especially preferred for indoor promotions. Following are some of the popular types of magnetic clips utilized for promotions […]