Make Your Promotional Message Stick longer With Custom Magnetic Clips

Magnetic clips– the little wonders that can tidy up the messy piles of papers on your work desks, on the kitchen tables and even on the refrigerator doors! These sturdy clips can hold photos, recipes, to do lists and reminders that we all rely on a daily basis!

Custom Power Ribbon Shaped Magnetic Clips

You can’t go wrong with custom magnet clips! The fridge often makes the center of attraction for busy families and offices, which means that it will double up as prime real estate for your promotion! A perfect organizational tool, these budget friendly logo items will ensure consistent brand impressions. Not just to keep the papers of the office table tidy and well organized but also to seal chips packets and to put reminders on refrigerator doors for other household members to see.

Available in a range of colors and sizes, magnetic clips make budget friendly gift items for businesses to sneak in the brand to the hands of their recipients. Just imagine the impression that your brand creates every day as they see these tiny task masters getting all the paper bits well organized. Not sure how to make use of these custom items?

We have some random thoughts to share with you.

To display Photos

If you have some great photos to display and don’t want purchase a new picture frame every time you take some new snapshots, these clips will make a great choice. Put the photos on the clip and stick it to the filing cabinets to have a smart surface-top gallery.

Toothpaste Wringer

Clip magnets can double up as a handy toothpaste squeezer in your busy morning. Squeeze out the last blob of paste by rolling the tube from bottom up and putting the clip on the top each time you need more toothpaste.

Cord Wrangler

With the advent of technological gadget there has been a steep rise in the number of cords, people need to manage in their daily lives. Thread the charging cables and earbuds through the arms of the magnetic clips to hold these in place till you need it. Bid adieu to knots and keep the cords straight and safe.

Chip Clip

Keep the snacks fresh and crisp by using these magnetic clips. Just roll down the top of your snack bag and use a clip to hold it tight. Snacks will stay fresh till you are ready for the grubs again!
Holiday season staples: Now that Christmas and New Year is not very far, these magnetic clips in star shape or heart shape can all make delightful and practical gift items that your recipients will find interesting for a very long time. Imprint your brand and message on these and every time they use to hang ornaments on the trees or fix Christmas décor indoors, these will double pull as a handy clip and a magnet alike.

Awareness event handouts

Ribbon shapes have always been symbols of awareness events. Check out these ribbon shaped magnetic clips that highlight your social commitment and your message all at once. Every time your recipients use these clips, these will attract a lot of attention and your audience will surely be proud to be part of a social cause.

Night events

Glow in the dark magnetic clips can easily turn heads during any night time party. Imprint your brand and message on these gleaming clips that will make an interesting décor item on the fridge doors or filing cabinets. Every time someone clips a piece of paper with it, they will be taking a closer look at your message. Even when these clips are not in use, these will continue to grab the attention of everyone who happens to see it. Inexpensive yet highly functional, magnetic clips will make perfect gift items as corporate gifts, holiday season goodie bag items and handouts for tradeshows, career fairs and more.

Custom Glow in the Dark Power Magnetic Clips

Apart from the above tips that we shared, do you have any new ideas to use these custom clips? Do share with us.

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