Seven Best Kept Secrets To Save Big On Wedding Save The Date Magnets

Save the date magnets make your guests prepared for your wedding day well in advance. Confirm the wedding venue, theme, dress code, website and location map on these save the dates to make it easy for the guests to plan and RSAP. Skipping save the dates will not be a smart idea to cut costs; instead, check out these super smart tips to pinch pennies and save big on save the date magnets.

3x6 Custom Save The Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil

#1 Order One save the date magnet Per Household not per guest!

Most people make mistake by ordering wedding save the date magnets as per their total guest count. However, you can hand out one save the date magnet per household rather than for every guest. So, this simple math will cut your costs down by a fraction of what you thought it was initially!

#2 Keep an eye on the Weight

Since the post office charges more for mail items that are more than 1 oz, it is recommended to have a fair idea of the total weight of your consignment. Order a sample and weigh it at your post office to arrive at a rough estimate. There are plenty of save the date magnets that are low weight yet beautiful!

#3 Square magnets may cost a bit more

Post offices charge a little bit extra to mail square-shaped items. So, if you have a budget to watch, opt for shapes other than square. Fixed your heart at these unique square magnets? Need a square magnet that won’t involve a hiked postage charge? Settle for a Classic wedding save the date Magnet, which measures 3.5″ x 4″. Work out your priorities before making a final decision.

3.5x4 Custom Wedding Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

#4 Grab the best deals

A penny saved is a penny earned. You can shop easy and smart by subscribing to our e-newsletters and availing exclusive discounts, promotions and offers.

#5 Send save the dates To Your A List guests

Send Save the Dates only to your wedding party, immediate family and close pals to save a pretty dime. You can send the rest of the guests your formal wedding invitation later.

#6 Combine with the holiday season

If you are planning to send the holiday cards, you can combine these save the date magnets and your holiday greetings to save on postage charges.

#7 Double check the artwork and text before placing the final order

Nothing can be more appalling than ending up with save the dates with typos and wrong colors. Make sure to avoid these pitfalls by approving and seeing the design in person. It is ok to get excited and be quick on the ordering process; but make sure you have the basics right on save the dates.

These money-saving tips will help you save a few green bucks on your Save the Date order. Explore our collection and choose from a range of unique shapes and models including large, small, themed, heart shaped and much more. Nobody knows you more than we do. Just tell us your needs and we can help you choose the best save the dates on a budget. Does that sound too good to be true? Call or email us to get started with your save the date shopping.