Why Save The Date Magnets Make An Important Part Of Your Wedding Day Stationery

The hectic pace of modern life coupled with packed schedules and tough targets have all made time management more difficult like never before. Most people often forget about social and personal events and that is where pre invitation cards and save the date magnets come to the bigger picture. Traditionally, the prospective couple announces their wedding plans officially by sending out these pre-invitation tasters that will not just persuade the guests to attend but will keep them reminded of the big day and facilitate in planning their travel plans well in advance. Ideally save the date magnets can be dispatched 3-4 months in advance.

2x3.5 Custom Printed Save the Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil

Save the date designs are not just treats to your eyes but make excellent reminders as well. Imprint your name, event date and message on these save the date magnets, choose a theme that complements the destination wedding and you are all set to tug the hearts of your guests. These personalized magnets will make a talking topic among your guests and will build up a buzz for your event.

Why save the date magnets

To ensure a well attended event you need to get all the guests drop in. Save the date magnets will not just let them remember the wedding date but also plan their trip well in advance. Your guests will have the surprise of their life time when these fabulous magnets get delivered in their letter boxes. Personalize it with your message, snapshot and quotes to give these pre-invites the charm of a personal invitation. The best part is that these fridge magnets will double pull as fridge décor items apart from being a wedding reminder.

Build up an interest among your guests

Just like a movie or a concert is advertised months before its release, these save the date magnets will build up an interest among your guests while revealing very little and keeping up the suspense factor. Save the date magnets will tempt your potential guests to attend the wedding as the theme of the wedding, the event date, and other essential information imprinted on these is all it takes to set the perfect mood for your wedding day.

Save the date magnets will unveil the kind of excitement and atmosphere that guests can expect on your wedding day. Incorporate the theme of the wedding, an interesting design that will stay in people’s minds and remind them to RSVP. Winter weddings can have snow capped pine trees and snow fall as the backdrop while summer beach weddings can have a save the date magnet in a concert flyer design, a beach backdrop or a colorful festival poster design.

A gesture of courtesy

Sending save the date magnets is a very courteous gesture as it allows your invited guests ample time to plan their travel and accommodation. If you are planning a destination wedding, save the date magnets will help your guests grab the cheapest air fares and hotel deals.

Make wedding planning easier

Save the date cards are not just beneficial for your guests but will make your wedding plans a lot easier to deal with. By sending out these pre invites you can tackle issues like food allergies or any such special arrangements because you will get a fair idea of the requirements of the guests by the time you send out your actual wedding invitations.

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