Put Your Wedding Details On A Wide Display With These Large Save The Date Magnets

Save-the-date magnets will keep your wedding date, venues and other details right in front of the eyes of your wedding guests till the D date. Every time they open the refrigerator doors to fetch a chilled drink, they will be reminded of your wedding and the need to RSVP. This gentle reminder will not be overlooked by most and will help the couples to ensure a good attendance for the function.

4x7 Custom Large Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Save the date magnets will help you generate more response for the event by keeping your wedding date fresh in the minds of your guests. It will not just help the guests to RSVP by date but also plan their travelling and accommodation plans in the case of destination weddings.

Large save the date magnets will pursue the guests to attend and will ensure a unique and personal experience. The generous imprint area will help you to place all the details of the event in style. You can even choose these custom save the date magnets in specific themes and designs. Let’s be frank about it! If any of these delightful save the date cards get dropped at the letterbox, your guests will surely be attending the wedding, no questions asked!!!

Save the date magnets can tempt your wedding guests by mentioning very little as it gives a flavor of what lies store on your big day. Show off the theme and the fun party mood with these themed save the date magnets. This taster is more than enough for the part hungry guests to troop in to explore the amazing things you have in store for your guests on your big day.

A wedding day is not just a celebration of your union as a couple ; it is also a wonderful opportunity to spread the cheer and experience a fun day with your kith and kin. If you have a themed wedding on cards, a save the date card magnet is a great way to set the tone. An attractively designed custom magnet will stay in people’s minds and remind them to RSVP. Sending save the date magnets is a courteous gesture as these will give guests enough time to finalize their plans around your big day. Check out some of the large save the date magnets that you will find interesting

3.5×5.5 Custom Large Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil

A wedding is a happy ending of a dream for the couple. These 3.5 x5.5 inch large save the date square corner magnets will hold the center court attention, when affixed against the refrigerator door within a home. It makes a great reminder and a delightful wedding souvenir that your guests will cherish for a very long time.

3.5x5.5 Custom Large Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil

You can choose from a range of these save the date wedding magnets that will make astonishing fridge décor items and reminders of your special day. Personalize these with your artwork, quotes, event details and more to make it truly unique. Show your guests that you care by handing out these save the date magnets that will ensure their participation that you value the most. These magnets will buy the attention, interests and affirmation of your guests at easy rates.

4×7 Custom Large Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

People who receive it as a gift will not only treat it as a pre-invitation, but also as a reminder of the impending event and also as a souvenir of the great event, which they attended. Announce your big day, share your emotions and spread the cheer with these massive 4×7 Custom Large Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners that will never stop you midway for want of space!

Browse our collection of these custom magnets that will ensure that your pre invitation is as special as your invites and will get the guests to the event without fail. Should you need more tips in choosing the best in save the date magnets, just give us a shout!