Get Year Round Brand Exposure with Calendar Magnets

Calendars are America’s oldest and the most popular promotional products even today! Everyone uses calendars and most of them will have a couple of calendars in their homes- in their living room, study, sitting room and more. So, it is no wonder that calendar magnets, the modern counterparts of the old fashioned wall calendars too have become a rage among promotional gift ideas.

Getting a customer’s attention and retaining their interest is what makes any promotional campaign successful!!

Magnetic Calendars by Custommagnetsdirect

The calendar season is here!  Put your logo and message on their fridge, and keep your business up and kicking all year long with these calendar magnets. Every time your recipients open their refrigerator or check the date, they will see your logo and message.

 Get your magnetic calendars today to stay ahead in the trend, and enjoy a full year of advertising! Custom magnetic calendars make a stylish and budget friendly option to highlight your business 365 days a year! Choose from a range of 2023 Calendars available in several different sizes, shapes and themes to promote your business. Browse our regularly updated collection of budget friendly calendar magnets. Big or small, bold or understated, wild or mild, we have schedulers in all possible themes that will surely ensure a successful year ahead!

Shop for some of our best sellers

House shaped calendar magnets: Home is where the heart is! Inspire your clients in home and realtor businesses to think big and bold in the year ahead with these full year calendars. Enjoy consistent impressions all round the year as clients refer this calendar for home ideas!

3.75x4.69 Custom House Shape Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Tear off calendar magnet

3.5x6.25 Custom Tear Off Calendar With House Shape Imprinted Magnets 25 Mil

Tear off magnetic calendars will surely engage your clients with your business every day. Enjoy maximum logo exposure at a low cost with these, as your clients read, scribble on and tear off the page every month giving your logo a long lease of life.

School calendar magnets

3.37x4.25 Custom School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

School calendar magnets are indeed a rage among parents, teachers and students alike. These will keep the school logo and slogan in front of the student’s eyes and instill a sense of pride in them. This magnet can even be employed for fundraisers and other events such as annual sports day, parents teacher meets or as part of the students’ welcome kit during school reopening.

Magnetic calendars also help you plan your big leaps in the year ahead, keep tab on milestones and manage the days in the most productive way. In addition, calendar magnets always occupy strategic spots and the high traffic areas of homes and offices. Be it on the work desks, filing cabinets or refrigerator doors, calendar magnets will always remind you of the days that pass by and help you to stick to your schedules!

Here are some more reasons that make calendar magnets a top hit

  • Magnetic Calendars will surely ensure absolute staying power to your message.
  • Calendar magnets even ensure the best value for your promotional dime and are more dynamic than most other gift items.
  • Calendar magnets will never get misplaced. Once stuck on any easily accessible metal surface; you are rest assured that you will have a scheduler at the end of your arm any time.
  • Magnetic Calendars are available in a range of sizes, colors and shapes to suit the promotional needs of the customers.
  • A custom Magnetic Calendar is obviously a delightful option to highlight a special day, event or holiday; and will make a screaming billboard for your logo and message.

What you get with our custom magnets?

Be confident 

We strive to bring out products that you can indeed be proud to put your brand on! You can also be 100% confident of the quality that you get when you shop with us.

Be at hand

Calendar magnets are indeed easy to display and use. Your customers will surely love to retain these practical gift items all year long or even beyond, for their delightful artwork or designs!

Be original

Why choose one size fits all gift ideas when you can personalize gifts to match the tastes of your unique clientele? Every order of yours- big or small – is truly priceless for us.

Everyone takes a quick glance over the calendar every day, to keep a tab on the upcoming events, celebrations and special moments. People even admit that their schedules get upset, when they fail to find their schedulers; which shows the impact that these calendar magnets can have in anyone’s lives.      

Now here are some of our hot sellers for your eyes!  

Tear-Off Calendars

A unique promotional gift that will ensure a great value for your money! Your customers will be reminded of your logo every month as they peel off a page.

—-Shop For Tear-Off Calendars

Business card calendar magnets

Designed to fit perfectly inside envelopes, business card calendar magnets give your clients the best of both the worlds of a calendar and a business card all at once. It is easy to pop in the mail and distribute. Check out our custom envelopes too that will make these magnets look truly fabulous!

Shop for — Business card calendar magnets

How different are Magnetic calendars?

Besides, calendar magnets are not just promotional handouts that get distributed at the start of every New Year! See how our promo calendar magnets are delightfully different and unique from the rest of the crop!

Bigger and better customization options
:  Further, we offer more elbow room for our customers, to get creative with their ideas . Besides, we have a range of imprint options, including full color, spot color, PMS color match, die cut in various sizes and many more! These calendar magnets will definitely make elegant gift options for both personal and promotional events.

Range of Choices – We also have a vast collection of calendar magnets to suit every style, occasion, event, and budget size. Choose from magnetic mini calendars, holiday calendars, monthly calendars, photo calendars, save the date calendar magnets and much more.

Expert assistance

Should you need any tips or assistance on the text placement and color choices, our experts can help you to decide what actually works for you and what doesn’t. Call us or mail for all queries or orders.

Free offers galore

Freebies often come with fine prints! But our magnetic calendars come with loads of free offers apart from brand exposure. We offer free artwork assistance on all orders for custom magnetic calendars.

Quality is our watchword

The term budget friendly is often misunderstood as that of cheap quality. But we use ONLY good quality, resourced Made in USA magnets for calendars, which are long lasting than most other promotional magnets.

Environment Friendly

Magnetic calendars are not just about the dates, business message or holidays. We also ensure that all our products are safe both for you and Mother Nature by using certified magnets for calendars, which are absolutely safe for all age groups.

Fair Buy Deals –Moreover, we offer magnet calendars at the lowest possible rates. By placing bulk orders, marketers can also make huge savings and attractive discounts. 


Need custom Services?

Planning to use calendar magnets for 2023 business promotions? Find a calendar that matches your tastes and celebrate each month of the New Year in style!  We also have customized online artwork assistance, printing and mailing services. Imprint your logo, business message, artwork or anything you want these magnets to carry on your promotional campaign. Choose from a range of full color print options. Our made in USA calendar magnets are perfect for trade shows, events, store openings and even mass mailer campaigns. Everyone will surely love it and your message will never fail to gain the attention of your target audience. Get started right away!

Premium product line and imprint choices

We custom print your design and message on these long lasting and visually appealing logo magnets . Our full-color printing option will ensure absolute color vibrancy to your design. We also have a unique collection of calendar magnets for the year 2023. Start shopping today!

Mailing services

Direct mail is indeed a delightful form of marketing! When your customer opens a mail, it will not just bring a smile to their faces but also forge a tangible bonding with your brand. Not many other forms of promotions can do that.

Light weight and durable, magnet calendars are well suited for mailer campaigns, which will help you gain more leads and reach out to your target audience. We have even custom envelopes in various sizes that fit the magnets while imparting a personal touch to your brand campaign. Keep your clients engaged with your brand and keep them in a friendly dialogue with our magnet calendars to ensure better brand exposure, lead conversion, and customer retention.

Customize it the way you wish

Need a custom magnet design? Just tell us your ideas or supply your favorite design template and we can come up with an eyecatching design that will complement your business message or promotional theme.

Calendar magnets will give your logo a professional look

After all, can there be a better way to have your message last an entire year than our full color calendar magnets? Imprint artwork, message or logo to make these promo magnets an attractive billboard and an artwork on their refrigerators all at once!

Calendar magnets will also drive up your brand image manifold and streamline your year-end promotional activities. You can even present these calendars in unique and customized envelopes for added impact!

Rush order advantage

With our rush orders, it is never too late to place an order for magnet calendars. Your magnets are shipped quickly and the are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Make sure to check out the most popular magnetic calendar for refrigerator is in 20-25 mil thickness, which makes perfect hand outs at trade shows, mailer campaigns and events.

Experience the dual advantage of a calendar and a magnet

Likewise, offer your customers the dual advantage the convenience of a magnet and a simple way to keep track of the days in the form of calendar magnets. Magnet calendars make elegant promotional gifts to promote your business line. Perfect to promote schools, realtor agencies, restaurants, beauty salons and more, calendar magnets never go out of fashion in promotional circuits. You can even shop for custom calendar magnets that start on any one specific month so that you don’t have to pay for a full year magnet when you are in the middle of a year.

Calendar magnets are both elegant Promotional gifts and thoughtful personal gifts

Moreover, calendar magnets are not only used for business promotions but also make thoughtful personal gifts. Imprint these with your thank you notes, snap shots  or messages to make thoughtful gifts for milestone celebrations, stocking stuffers for Christmas or Easter basket gifts. Order your 2023 calendar magnets to make sure that you get your custom calendars on time!

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