Custom Car Magnets

Everything You Need to Know About Car Magnets

Car magnets are an effective and easy fundraiser,  budget friendly branding tool and something that everyone will be proud to display on their cars to support their cause or team. Here are some benefits of custom car magnets that you may not have thought about. Budget friendly If you are a small business or a […]

The Right Way To Choose Custom Car Magnets – A Quick Guide


Ever wondered why your car magnets do not stay firm while on the move or remain wrinkled on the car surface? Do you think car magnets might have damaged the fresh coat of your car?  This post is about some of the common doubts that most people have when using custom car magnets as marketing […]

Custom Car Magnets-  Promote Your Brand While You Drive Around

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Car magnets are really cost effective way to spread the word and get your message across far and wide. Add an interesting artwork, a brain teaser or a fun quote to make people stop on their track to have a closer look at the message! The best part is that our simple design studio tool […]

Custom Car Magnets- Cover More Ground During Outdoor Events


Custom car magnets hold the potential to advertise your message to a large audience group at one time investment. These full color magnets will easily remind your clients of your brand name or service every time you drive around to deliver stuff or attend a sales call. Customization is the key in keeping custom magnets […]

Invest on Weather-Proof Car Magnets to Boost your Outdoor Brand Visibility


Car Magnets printed on heavy-duty material with a thickness of 30 mil or more  make ideal outdoor signage for any business. These full color custom magnets serve as temporary signage  for  fund raising events, discount promotions and new product launch campaigns among others. Outdoor safe and designed to look great and last long, custom car […]

Best Ways To Promote Your Business With Custom Outdoor Magnets


Outdoor car magnets are a great way to get your message across and spread the word for any business. These full color custom magnets embellished with your brand and message attach right to the vehicle’s surface,to advertise your business all around town every time you drive around. The best part is that these eye catchy […]

Imprinted Car Magnets – Pace Up your Outdoor Promotions

Custom Car Magnets- Anything More Affordable Is Seen Only In Dreams!

Get your promotions outdoors and take your message quickly right into  your audience with custom car magnets. Offered in a wide range of interesting shapes and models, these full color magnets will make the ultimate rolling billboards for your business to get the onlookers stop right on their tracks. The best part is that every […]

Custom Car Magnetic Signs – Earn Consistent Brand Impressions at One Time Investment


Looking for a high visibility billboard that promotes your brand on one time investment? Or may be a promotional tool that keeps giving back to you without any repeat effort from your end? If yes, you should consider car magnetic signs as your promotional swag  this season. Outdoor safe and easy to attach to the […]

 Explore The Branding Potential Of Custom Car Magnetic Signs


Your business vehicles are not just useful for you to get from one point to another but also make a high visibility mobile advertising media for your message as well. The  full color car magnetic signs customized with your brand and message serve as an extremely cost effective and strategic marketing opportunity for many business […]

Imprinted Car Magnets- Add Wheels to your Campaign


Custom car magnets are most frequently used for advertising awareness events, services  and brands. These full color magnets that add a pop of colors to the cars and make the vehicles stand out even in crowded streets is a great hit among everyone. People love to decorate  cars with custom magnets by placing it on […]