Custom Car Magnets

Imprinted Car Magnets- Add Wheels to your Campaign


Custom car magnets are most frequently used for advertising awareness events, services  and brands. These full color magnets that add a pop of colors to the cars and make the vehicles stand out even in crowded streets is a great hit among everyone. People love to decorate  cars with custom magnets by placing it on […]

Unbeatable Advantages That Make Custom Car Magnets Popular


Car magnets are fun, highly noticeable and make a friendly way to engage your audience with your brand.  Made to last long, vehicle magnets make a great investment for your money as well. Once you employ auto magnets, you don’t need to think about the next replacement unlike other customary billboards.  A printed car magnet […]

How Custom  Car Magnets Can Be Utilized For Small Business

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Though Magnetic car signs can be used to market nearly any type of business, it is exceptionally popular among small businesses with a modest promotional budget. Car magnets are easy to customize and make popular team spirit items and fund raising items as well. Be creative, add a fun twist or be off topic if you […]

Fund  Raising For A Cause Made Easy With Custom Car Magnets


Raise fund and enhance awareness about a cause with custom car magnets. It is one of the most proven fundraisers that will actually raise funds and awareness! Car magnets are available in a wide range of models, shapes and sizes. Customize these with your brand and message and sell these trendy, full color magnets to […]

Effective Ways To Use  Car Magnets For Advertising


Custom car magnets are the best ways to impart a magnetic personality for your business and to put your brand on a wide angle display. Think of car  magnets as rolling billboards where  your business that can  present your phone number, website, call to action message and compelling graphics. A nicely customized  full color car […]

Everything You Need To Know About Custom Car Magnets


Planning to use custom car magnets  for breast cancer awareness fundraiser, political campaigns or holiday promotions?  Here are some handy tips that will help you get started in true style. Car magnets are weather resistant and are designed to last long and look great. Custom car magnets are used for many different purposes. Businesses can […]

Custom Political Car Sign Magnets – Engage The Audience With Your Message

Presidential Campaign Car and Truck Sign Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets Square Corners

Get an early advantage in the political race and stand out in the crowd with custom political magnets.  Turn your car into a mobile billboard with our factory direct, full color car signs made in USA. Every time your supporters and campaign workers drive around the town , these premium quality magnets will draw easy […]

Custom Car Magnets – Stand Out In The Highly Competitive Market


In today’s highly competitive market environment, you need high visibility and portable items like custom car magnets to stand out and build trust in your business and products. Only if they develop familiarity with your brand, your customers will be comfortable to deal with your organization. Custom car magnets will go a long way in […]

How To Find The Best Car Magnets To Add Wheels To Your Promotions


Car magnets will take your branding outdoors and right into the middle of your targeted audience with ease. These full color magnets offered in a wide variety of shapes and colors are traffic stoppers literally. Anyone who sees your message or the fun tagline on these magnets will be tempted to take a closer look […]

 Tips To Choose Custom Car Magnets for Fundraising


Car magnets have an unrivaled track record of being the best fund raisers. However, before scouting for custom car magnets for your fundraising event, keep in mind a few tips to ensure more value for your money. 1 Budget Custom car magnets are available in a wide range of price rates. The magnet model that […]