Custom Car Magnets

Custom car magnetic signs -Own a travelling billboard

3x10 Magnetic Signs - Custom Outdoor & Car Magnets

Car magnetic signs will make a smart move to customize your business vehicle and highlight your brand identity. Never overlooked , these full color magnets will make the center of attraction even in crowded streets, traffic jams and even in parking lots. Tell your prospects about your business through artwork or power packed taglines and […]

Custom Car Magnets- 5 Super Customization Tips That Could Make A Difference!

Designing a perfect car magnet may seem a challenging task of hit or miss logic for most marketers. However, here is a sure- fire customization guide on the best ways to design car magnets. Keep It Simple: Keep your marketing message simple and easy to read. Stuffing too much information on custom car magnets will […]

Car Magnets Reinforce Your Advertisement Message

3.5x8 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets

In many cities in the USA substantial hours are lost in traffic congestion as commuters are forced to spend a lot of time in traffic. For example, in Washington DC, commuters spend 166 hours in traffic a year, which makes it one of the most congested cities. Los Angeles is the most car dependent of […]

5 Reasons To Use car Magnets To Promote Special Events

3.5x2.5 Custom House Shape Magnets

Planning to organize any special event such as a concert, a sports event or product launch? Car magnets will make a great option to spread the word and make your event well known. The big plus- these are cost effective and well suited for small and medium organizations. If you thought an integrated advertising campaign […]

Bumper Sign Magnets – Great Visibility At Easy Rates

11.5x3 Custom Magnetic Car Bumper Sign Magnets

Bumper sign magnets make a smart way to keep your brand stand out while your customers are on the road! Motorists driving behind your car will peek out of their windows to take a second look at the message imprinted on these magnets. Easy to place on your vehicle and even easier to remove, these […]

Car magnets Turn Your Vehicle Into a Mobile Billboards

1.75x2.75 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets

While conventional advertisements like billboards display your message to only those who happen to see it, mobile business promotional items work the other way round. These will carry your brand and message to your target audience thereby ensuring the best value for your promotional dollars and more leads. Gone are the days when mobile business […]

Outdoor Car Magnets – Turn Your Parking Hours Into Business Building Time

3.5x8 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets

Build your brand by simply parking your business vehicles at strategic locations or busy parking areas. It is a smart marketing strategy that won’t cost you a penny but will get a lot of brand exposure. Car magnets will turn any vehicle into a rolling billboard that will arrest the attention of passersby. Announce deals, […]

Custom Car Magnets – Billboards That Cannot Be Overlooked

2.875x3.5 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets

Ideally, advertisements should stand out to grab the undivided attention of your audience. However, conventional advertisements on newspapers, magazines, and even online media need to share space and fight for attention with other content that the audience may be interested in. So, these promotional ads may get easily overlooked and ignored. Today, people have the […]

Promotional Car magnetic signs – Cost Effective Marketing at its best

Custom Ribbon Shape Magnets

Planning an effective promotion is all about striking a fine balance between shopping for the most popular custom gifts and saving your  promotional dollars. If cost-effective marketing is your plan then look no further than these budget-friendly car magnetic signs. Car magnets make a great promotional item to spend your advertising dollars. Your advertisement will […]

Highlight your Call To Action Messages with Custom Outdoor Car Magnets

Small Helmet Shape Magnets

A peppy and engaging call to action (CTA) will trigger an immediate response and action from the viewers. CTA typically involves short and spicy one-liners that can be incorporated into a marketing or sales message. CTA will help your audience the benefits they get while buying a product and is focused on the customer’s point […]