Custom Magnets For Promoting Warehouse And Storage

24x24 Custom Magnetic Car and Truck Signs Magnets

Storage facilities make the nerve center of business operations, these serve both residential customers and companies that do not have their own warehouse space. With an average net profit margin of 11.6 percent, warehouse and storage business is a profitable yet highly competitive business line. However, to maintain a steady cash flow, warehouse owners need […]

Find New Leads And Increase Sales with Custom Magnets

Imprinted Police Car Shaped Magnets - 25 Mil

How to increase customer leads and sales? It is the million dollar query that pops up in every marketer’s mind day in and day out! May be you might have already tried billboards, TV ads, store promotions and more, but not happy with the results. So, it is the best time for you to switch […]

Double Sided Custom Magnets – Double Exposure For The Price Of One

2.53x2.88 Custom Double Sided Phone Shape Magnets 45 Mil

Double exposure at the price of one! Custom double sided magnets stand out for the dual imprint spaces that will get your name out more effectively. Double up your display message on refrigerators, filing cabinets and other metal surfaces and grab more face time of your audience. Here are some of the double sided magnets […]

Custom Magnets For Milestone Celebrations

Automobile Car Vehicle Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Planning a product launch, business anniversary or a new store opening? Promotional products do have some clear advantages. It will keep your event fresh in the minds of your prospects for a long time. How many imprinted gifts from your friends or business partners are still on display on your work desks? If you too […]

Custom Magnets For Announcing Product Launches

Announcement Save The Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Planning to launch a new product? Or a new store opening may be? Get the word out to everyone on your guest list with custom magnets. Just send these magnets along or slip these into your invitation envelope to arouse the curiosity of the prospects. On a long term basis, the impressions will be immeasurable […]

Custom Halloween Magnets – Enhance Your Brand Recall And The Spooky Fun Of Halloween

Custom Halloween Magnets – Enhance Your Brand Recall And The Spooky Fun Of Halloween

The countdown for Halloween has started already and everyone is busy scouting for that perfect Halloween gift that will both surprise and scare their recipients. For marketers too Halloween makes a great time of the year to think of some quirky promotional gifts that are fun and eerie all at once. If you haven’t considered […]

How Promotional Magnets Make Your Brand Mascots

Save the Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil

Wish to have a face for your brand? A fun profile that your audience will find perfect to relate to ? or may be an irresistible handout that will grab all those eyeballs and pique easy attention? Custom magnets offer all these and more. If you are looking for a promotional  handout that is easily […]

Which Custom Magnets Are The Best For Your Promotions?

6x4.75 Custom House Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Looking for a promotional item that will easily get your logo stick around in your customer’s minds? The answer is quite obvious-  Custom magnets! These offer a perfect imprint space for your message, artwork, call to action and much more. Magnets enhance the identity of the refrigerators and  double up as a hold up for […]

6 Reasons Why You Need To Consider Custom Magnets For Marketing

Printed Circle Magnets 20 Mil

Over the years magnets have become an all-time favorite for many marketers because of its popularity and budget friendly attributes. Custom magnets can build brands, ensure brand exposure, and make politicians win elections and more. Magnets have indeed become a staple in marketing even in this digital age. Easy to customize and distribute, magnets make […]

4 x6 custom magnets – use it the way you wish!

4x6 Custom Holiday Save the date Magnets

Probably one of the most versatile and popular sizes in custom magnets could easily be 4” x 6” magnets . Use it as business cards, photo magnets, greeting magnets or announcement magnets – no matter how you wish to go about it, these full color magnets will get a lot of attention among your prospects. […]