Custom magnets- Cheap Giveaways That Don’t Look Cheap

Looking for handouts that don’t look cheap but are cost effective?  Custom magnets will make an obvious choice. Available in various models, logo magnets will fit every promotional plan. No matter whether you wish to use it as promotional giveaways, trade show swag, fund raising items or mailer items, custom magnets will never stop working […]

Fail Safe Ways To Customize Fridge Magnets- A Quick Guide

Custom fridge magnets are practical and fun; just like an ideal promotional product ought to be.  It is a smart marketing strategy to invest in custom fridge magnets , because people spend a lot  of time in the kitchen- not just during meal preparation but even  to relax, read their favorite books and catch up […]

Pack A Punch to Your Branding With Custom Car Magnets

Ideally, the best promotional products are highly visible and practical. This is what makes giveaways like car magnets  popular giveaways for marketers, to increase their brand awareness and reach more fans and clients. Interestingly, promotional magnets are an often-overlooked tool, that remains largely unexploited in promotional circuits . Magnets are in fact  highly visible and […]

10 Ways To Use Custom Magnets in Business Promotions

Magnets printed with your brand and message will make a key marketing material. Many people consider it  as décor items. However, custom magnets are an affordable and memorable way to promote brands, spread awareness and even raise funds for social causes . Why custom magnets You will be quite surprised how these nondescript magnets can […]

Win Your Marketing Game With Custom Magnets

Win your marketing game by impressing your audience with custom magnets. These full color magnets will make high visibility billboards that will keep your brand in front of your audience every single day. Logo magnets are available in a wide range of popular models, that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. If you […]

Did you Know Custom Picture Frame Magnets Make Great School Fundraiser Ideas

Now that the schools have reopened, administrators will be looking for a great school fundraiser idea beyond selling candy bars or creating coupon books. This is where custom picture frame magnets come to the bigger picture. Picture frame magnets make great fundraiser ideas because they are easy to sell and affordable. Above all, it can […]

Custom Magnets for Different Promotional Events

Custom magnets have always been proven promotional items among marketers. Available in a wide range of models in just about every price rate, logo magnets will make versatile handouts for every genre of businesses. take a look at some of these popular models that will surely boost your brand exposure without breaking the promotional budget. […]

5 Reasons Why Custom Magnets Are Proven Brand Builders

Knock out your competitors with printed magnets and make consistent impressions at one time investment Beneficial for both customers and every business niche, these full color custom magnets make an eye-catching customized billboard for your brand. Printed magnets are a popular and budget friendly way to promote your brand and enhance brand visibility. Wondering how […]

Custom Magnets- Make Your Brand Stay On Everyone’s Mind

Do you dread the thought of pumping money into advertising items that  just gets thrown away? Flyers and  mailers have a very low shelf life; and get discarded faster than you wish. Billboards are exponentially costly, and may not even make the impact that you were aiming for.  This is what makes popular handouts like […]

Custom Die cut Magnets – Add A new Dimension to Your Promotion!

Are you tired of the same promotional strategy that is getting stale and going unnoticed? If yes, there is a solution that is both effective and fun. With custom shaped magnets, a business can add a unique character to their company’s image and spice up their promotion. The best part is that these refrigerator magnets […]