Postcard Magnets

Keep In Touch With Your Clients through These Postcard Magnets

8.5x5.25 Peel Postcard with 3.5x4 Custom Delivery Magnets 25 Mil

Back in the day, Post cards are used to communicate with friends or loved ones. Commonly, these are used to write to a friend or family when someone is on a vacation or when someone lives afar. Postcards have been also used as propaganda during war but do you believe that it can be used […]

Custom Postcard Magnets- Do they Work?

10.5x5.5 Custom Printed Magna-Peel Postcard with 3.5x4 Magnets

Post card magnets may look old fashioned and ubiquitous atleast to some marketers out there. However, on a closer look, everyone will be surprised to see the tremendous potential that these logo items hold. Postcard magnets make miniature billboards that will carry your brand right into prospects’ hands literally. Budget friendly and proven, custom post […]

4 Fabulous Reasons To Send Custom Magnetic Postcards Than An Email

8.51x5.26 to 8.5x10.875 Custom Magna Seal Postcard Magnets 20 Mil

Business mails may be one of the most budget friendly ways to communicate with your clients. However, the frequency of the emails hitting mailbox may give the recipients a severe case of email fatigue and boredom. Consider the following reasons that prove that why it’s better to send a magnetic postcard along with a small […]

Get The Message Out About Your Business With Postcard Magnets!

10.5x5.5 Postcard with 3.5x2 Custom Business Card Magnets

Summer season makes an extremely busy period for businesses and a great time to pack a punch to their marketing initiatives. Mailers are undeniably the most interesting ways to make someone interested in your brand even at this age of emails and digital promotions. Your recipients will truly be delighted to get a postcard at […]

4 Things to Include on Your Real estate Magnetic Postcards

10.5x5.5 Custom Printed Magna-Peel Postcard with 3.5x4 Magnets

Post card magnets  make a great ingredient for Every Door Direct Mail campaign (EDDM) that you may be thinking about. EDDM is a service provided by the USPS where you can get the postcards delivered to every door on a route without having to put a name or address on it!  Budget friendly and well […]

Postcard Magnets – Add A Retro Twist To Your Promotions

10.5x5.5 Postcard w/ 3.5x2 Custom Business Card Magnets 25 Mil

If you thought postcards are just remnants of the analog world, you could be in for a surprise at the overwhelming popularity that custom postcard magnets enjoy. Take your brand right into the doorsteps of your recipients with these logo items that are too good to get overlooked. Every time your recipients get these mailers […]

Why Postcard Magnets Are Fun Ways To Spread Your Message

8.5x5.5 Custom Magna Fold Postcard Magnets 25 Mil

In this robotic age, some people may wonder whether postcard magnets can still be of any relevance at all? If you are wondering whether people would be interested in getting their gifts, newsletters or postcards delivered in their letter boxes at the gate even today when they can get it at their email inboxes, you […]

Make Sales Leads In Your Neighborhood With Post Card Magnets

3.5x6 Custom Announcement Magna-Peel Postcard Magnets

To thrive in a highly competitive and evolving market, businesses need regular customers. Ask any long standing business line, it will be the local community and the customers who live nearby who would have kept their businesses up and ticking. Though it is nice to see people flocking your shop from far and wide, it […]

Pack A Punch To Your Summer Events With The Combo Effect Of QR Codes And Magnetic Postcards

8.5x5.5 Custom Magna Fold Postcard Magnets 25 Mil

Summer is a great time to experience and experiment new things for most people. Be it the outdoor fun, movies, concerts or the road trips, summer season makes a perfect time to infuse freshness to everyone’s lives. It is no different for marketers as well as summer promotional campaigns ensure the best possibilities and diverse […]

Post Card Magnets- A Veritable Ingredient In Any Marketing Mix

10.5x5.5 Custom Magna Peel Postcard with Business Card Magnets 25 Mil

As years go by, marketers try to invent piping hot promotional items that will stir up interest in their patrons to ensure their fair share of customer pie. Now that you are into the first quarter of 2016, it is a great time for customers to take stock of their promotional campaigns and to make […]