Make Sales Leads In Your Neighborhood With Post Card Magnets

To thrive in a highly competitive and evolving market, businesses need regular customers. Ask any long standing business line, it will be the local community and the customers who live nearby who would have kept their businesses up and ticking. Though it is nice to see people flocking your shop from far and wide, it can never be a substitute for a solid and loyal clientele that comes back to your organization over and again. But how can you create a loyal customer base? The answer is simple- If you wish to win, you have to get your customers to come to you.

Mass mailers are the best and the cost effective options to fan out to the local community and these postcard magnets will let you do that with ease. You can schedule your mailer campaigns by choosing individual neighborhoods or even entire zip codes. This will ensure that the mailers are sent to the addresses you choose.

Make business announcements, special promotional offer mails or infact any piece of correspondence on these logo items and leave a lasting impression. It’s an excellent targeted ad campaign that will ensure more ROI and in getting regular clients to come back to your business.

Here are a few tips that will ensure the maximum results for your mailer campaigns.

For instance, if you are planning a mailer campaign to promote your day care center, your focus should be to reach out to families with kids even if they are not living close to your business. Choose your target audience and plan your campaign in such a way that you can reach out to them by sending magnetic postcards to every address within the vicinity. These mailers should be dispatched to people who may be seriously interested in your products and services and not just to everyone who may be living near your shop!

Plan an irresistible Offer
Mailer campaigns help you get your offer through the front door into the homes of people literally. However, just by getting the mailer inside, you cannot make them to come to your shop. So, make sure to imprint offers, call to action messages or coupons on these to get them back. A free drink or a free manicure for customers who come to your shop with the postcard you sent will be a perfect way of presenting a deal. The key is to attract them and keep them well engaged with your brand.

Make your postcards attractive
To get your recipients take a look at the postcards, you have to customize it creatively. Attractive colors, neat and clean lines, a pretty picture or cheeky slogans can all attract the attention of your recipients. Gaudy colors might turn heads but will not retain their interest, so make sure to make the magnetic postcards unique and elegant that they will love to retain for a very long time. Shoddy designs and colors will be rejected outright and the magnets will get tossed out before they even care to read the deal you were offering.

For mass campaigns like election campaigns, post card magnets can be employed with success as these ensure neighborhood saturation and spread your message over expansive communities in a very short time with a low investment. Post card magnets thus create a sound client base that will keep your business running for a very long time.

Now to get you started, we are listing a few popular postcard magnets that you will simply love to employ to reach out to your neighborhood

Announcement Magna-Peel Postcard Magnets: Make an announcement and let it stick in the minds of your recipients3.5x6 Custom Announcement Magna-Peel Postcard Magnets

Custom Magna Peel Postcard with Business Card Magnets 25 Mil: It is a postcard and a business card alike. Advertisers can imprint latest deals, brand information, contact details or more on these to get your message out.10.5x5.5 Custom Magna Peel Postcard with Business Card Magnets 25 Mil

Peel Postcard with 3.5×4 Custom Magnets 25 Mil You can use these promotional postcard magnets that offer the power of dual imprint areas for making special business announcements.8.5x5.25 Peel Postcard with 3.5x4 Custom Magnets 25 Mil

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