Make Your Fall-Season Marketing Successful With Custom Magnets

Fall season is here and for most people it is time to celebrate pumpkin flavors, fall foliage and to get spooky in all those Halloween costumes. For marketers who wish to employ a seasonal theme in their promotions, custom seasonal magnets will be a good choice.


Celebrating the fall seasonality is not all about doling out free gifts or decking up the store windows in fall colors but ensuring a spirited engagement from the audience.

Fall season promotions can be diverse and multifaceted to complement the various events in this season, some of which are listed below.

Back to school
For instance, fall season is also the time when kids are back to school and customers are shopping for new goods and services. School calendar magnets will be a good option to promote back to school season. These logo items will help both the students, parents and teachers to keep an eye on the schedules, exams, holidays and events lined up for the year.

Halloween has always been a busy time for businesses as this fun holiday is the time for special deals, discounts, candies and contests among a countless other things. A Halloween-themed promotion will be a smart way to get connected with your target audience.

Another autumn-theme for fall promotion could be Thanksgiving. For businesses like restaurants and hospitality industry will all find this season especially busy to get their message out. Make the most of this food-centric holiday with eye popping discounts, clearance sales and gifts with these attractive custom restaurant magnets.

Autumn is a perfect time to add a dash of color and for a makeover to your stores. From putting up new signage and banners to decking up the store windows with autumn special sales deals, you can do a lot of activities to give your brand a refreshed look.

Apart from these holidays, fall season also has many other red letter days like Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Hanukkah, Black Friday and more. Plan a themed marketing event or a general autumn sale to attract new customers to your festive small business.

Here are some custom magnets that can be considered for fall celebrations and business promotions a lot more vibrant.

Pumpkin Shape Magnets 20 Mil: Customized 1.87x 2 pumpkin shape full color magnets – 20 MIL are perfect for pushing your Halloween day sales because pumpkin is a symbol of the occasion. Being lightweight, these personalized magnets are also best for bulk mailing and to announce your holiday deals and offers and to evoke a festive spirit in promotions.1.87x2 Imprinted Pumpkin Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Halloween First Birthday Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners These Personalized magnets are perfect for parents who wish to organize great first birthday party for their kid during the season. These customizable seasonal magnets easily embody the spirit of the occasion and make great pre-invites. We offer attractive discounts on wholesale orders of these Halloween magnets. Avail free shipping within USA.4x9 Custom Halloween First Birthday Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Holiday Wrapping Wedding Magnets 20 Mil: Fall season is a perfect time for outdoor or color themed weddings. Check out these wedding magnets that are not just a pretty wedding invitation but also seasonal greetings. These magnets are warmly received and well retained as a wedding reminder, pre-wedding invitation, souvenirs of wedding and seasonal greeting. This wedding magnet is definitely going to grab lots of face time of your recipients.5x7 Custom Holiday Wrapping Wedding Magnets 20 Mil

For more custom magnets that can be used for your fall promotions, all you need to do is browse our site.