How Car Magnets Can Drive Up Your Outdoor Promotions

Car magnets are great ways to reach out to that section of the customers who are always on the move. In the fast paced modern society of today, people spend much of their time in cars and car magnets will make a smart gift idea to engage this community with your brand. A report of the Outdoor Advertizing Association of America, custom car magnets can reach out to 30,000 – 70,000 people per day.3x8 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Square Corners Square Corners

Promotional Car magnets make high visibility billboards for brands as the logo and message imprinted on these is seen many times on a single day as the recipients drive around, park or wait at the intersections. During the daily commute, your recipients’ cars will reach a wide range of people across different demographics and locations. Vehicle signage could be more effective than static billboards to connect to a wider and new audience on a regular basis.

Custom magnets have the lowest cost per impressions as each of these will cost only a few cents. The tremendous impressions these logo items make per day will make it a perfect choice even for small businesses. The best part is that custom car magnets can be used for a long time as these can withstand the weather elements with ease. Businesses with a fleet of service or sales vehicles can use these magnets by turn as these are easy to remove and stick.

Every time your recipients drive around their car, these custom magnets will help you gain you more views. These moving billboards will get you a new audience every other day that too without any effort or repeat investment. As you go about your daily errands, these custom car magnets will do all the promotional work for you.

Now for the top 6 benefits of car magnets in getting your brand promoted

  • Create brand awareness: Every time your recipients drive down a busy highway, these custom car magnets will be exposed to scores of curious eyes. All they did was to drive and go about their daily business!
  • Budget friendly promotions: Car magnets are low cost and long lasting, which means that these have the lowest cost per impression among promotional items.
  • Versatile: Car magnets can be stuck and taken off easily, which means that these can be easily employed for different promotions. The best part is that these custom magnets can be used to promote all types of businesses and brands too.
  • Durable: Designed to last long, these can withstand weather elements and will last for many years.
  • Unique: Easy to customize, magnets will portray your brand identity more effectively than any other logo items and will make your brand stand out.
  • Low maintenance: Car magnets are maintenance free

Business owners who come up with different sales programs and deals quite often will find car magnets a convenient choice as these are easy to change. Just pop off the magnet and put a fresh one and you are all set to go. Be it on the employees’ cars, service vehicles or on the stores on wheels, these custom magnets can be deployed effectively in countless contexts.

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