Outdoor Car Magnetic Signs – Why You Need These In Your Marketing Mix?

Car magnetic signs are one of the most popular promotional items and fund raising items in America. Car magnets make the most popular items to raise money as these rake-in more funds than any other single fundraising item. Ideal for churches, schools and youth sports organizations among others, these magnets will ensure better exposure and portability for your brand and message. Easy to remove and reposition, car magnets can be used for election campaigns, fund raising events and promotional events among others.12x12 Custom Truck Magnetic Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

As promotional items
These small and cost effective magnets can ensure a very high advertising value. These are great for marketers who operate a fleet of service/ product delivery vehicles as magnets stuck on these will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the customers every time the vehicles get driven around.

Consider this simple math. On an average these car magnets will be seen by around 100 cars every day, which means in a week it will make 700 impressions and in a year 36500 impressions! Every time the cars stop at the intersection the people in the car behind you will surely take a closer look at these brightly imprinted custom magnets at the back bumper.

Now to make these magnets more appealing to the viewers you can customize it with a witty oneliner or a peppy slogan that will never fail to grab the attention of everyone around. Make sure that the design is a lot more colorful and fun to have something that your recipients will love to put on their cars.

As fund raising items
Car magnets make the easiest and the most effective fundraiser ever. Easy to store and sell, magnets can be cleverly employed to raise awareness about social causes and to raise money for events like youth leagues. The youth sports stars will love the exposure that these logo magnets will ensure them every time hundreds of cars spotting their team magnets hit the streets.The free artwork assistance will make it all the more easier for businesses to employ these as fund raising items.

  • For Cheerleading teams: Cheer leading teams can make use of these logo items to raise funds for their expenses like uniform costs and travel expenses. Custom car magnets make a highly effective fund raising item that will get your cheer team’s name out there.
  • Animal Shelters: Custom magnets are quite popular as fund raising items for animal shelters that try to re-home abandoned animals. Donations make up the majority of money that keeps the shelter functioning and cover the day to day operational costs. The extent of free advertising offered by these logo magnets could be actually staggering, which makes it the best way for the non- profit organizations to get the word out.

No matter how you wish to employ car magnets, the fact is that these logo items will never fail to keep your brand under spotlight thanks to the lowest cost per impression factor. Browse our collection of custom car signs and choose something that matches your brand promotion theme.