Pack A Punch to Your Branding With Custom Car Magnets

Ideally, the best promotional products are highly visible and practical. This is what makes giveaways like car magnets  popular giveaways for marketers, to increase their brand awareness and reach more fans and clients.

Interestingly, promotional magnets are an often-overlooked tool, that remains largely unexploited in promotional circuits . Magnets are in fact  highly visible and portable, which make them the powerful marketing swag and team spirit item. By adding a brightly colored design, magnets become interesting décor items for people to show off their passions and identity.

Why you should make car magnets a priority in marketing tools

Custom car magnets have  numerous advantages for your business. It  not just helps people to discover you or  make a connection; but will make your brand familiar to them .A  well designed car magnet printed with a team’s mascot or a social message will get a prominent display among the vehicles of your target audience. It will not just say a lot about your recipients, but will promote your message as well. Win-win. Promotional magnets are almost always willingly accepted. They are also an important household item that interestingly, not many people think of buying.

High visibility

Car magnets make effective marketing tools that will set you apart in the competition.  It is the easiest way to make your customers aware of your services/products. If you are devising a targeted advertising strategy, car magnets will make a perfect marketing tool, to get your message across to your audience.

These proven marketing tools will create more impact than conventional ads like TV or print ads, that too at a fraction of cost. Most traditional ads  have very short display time to make an impact on the minds of the  viewers. However, car magnets will continue to engage your audience with your message for a long time; without any repeat investment or effort. Every time you drive the vehicles around, attending the sales or service calls, your brand will make a fresh set of impressions.

Outdoor branding made easier

Outdoor advertising  plays a key role in enhancing your brand popularity and make it well known even  beyond the stores.  Marketers can amplify their promotional message and make it stay in plain sight of your target audience by customizing these full color car magnets. Useful, and trendy, car magnets will ensure a different dimension to your brand .

Increased Exposure.

When driving through a street, most people take note of   car magnets on other vehicles! Apart from drawing easy attention of people around, these full color magnets in a wide range of shapes will engage the audience with your message and pique interest in their minds.

Storage becomes simple

Car magnets make excellent handouts during mass events like trade shows or awareness campaigns. These are easy to store and distribute thanks to its light weight  and compact design. Thus marketers can even order in bulk to maximize their savings without having to worry about logistics or warehouse expenses.


Unlike a permanent billboard, custom car magnets will make your brand displayed to everyone around. All you need to do is drive around your vehicle in the targeted area like a trade exhibition, a job fair, or any where else you need them.  These will talk for your brand and never stop working. Having promotional materials like car magnets that are easy to move is a big plus as you organize or attend more events where you will need them.

Build your Brand Identity

It is critical for every business owner to make sure your potential clients think of your company whenever they need your goods or services. Custom car magnets area proven way to make your branding memorable . It is an effective way to establish and retain your brand identity over time.

Use it again and again

While traditional marketing strategies like billboards or TV ads involve renewal charges after a specific period, car magnets will continue to promote your brand for a long time. If you take care of these outdoor magnets, it can last for years and may be used again and again.

Budget friendly

Doing more with less is indeed the success secret  in business promotions . In fact, that is what makes these cost effective handouts like car magnets a great choice. It will offer more value for your money plus long term branding advantage like any other marketing strategy. You are only renting advertising space on someone else’s property in most traditional promotional methods. However, by purchasing custom car magnets you  have an asset that your company owns. The best part is that need to make only a  one-time purchase that does not involve recurring costs or renewal charges.

In reality, custom magnets are one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available. These are the least expensive options than any conventional ads, which makes it a great choice for  budget promotions and start up companies.

Fun to customize

Car magnets also offer ample customization scope for marketers. Think of interesting artwork and designs that will catch the eye of your potential clients and convey your message with precisely. Further, choose a design that suits your company’s demands  for the best impact.

Limitless choices

Car magnets are available in various sizes, which make it ideal for all types of promotional needs and vehicle types. These high-quality magnets  are built to last. Add your logo, artwork and message to  bring your message to life.  Think creatively to make unique handouts that can be seen even from a distance to leave a lasting impression.

Made in the USA

The best part is that car magnets are proudly made in USA; and when you buy these  as your promotional items, you can give back to the American economy and be part of the nation building process.

If you’ve already done billboards and social media ads, it is indeed time to try something new for your business through custom car magnets! Your message on it will surely be noticed by your prospects every time your customers hit the streets. If you are  planning to give this advertising strategy a try, explore our complete line of car magnets to get started!

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