4 Things to Include on Your Real estate Magnetic Postcards

Post card magnets  make a great ingredient for Every Door Direct Mail campaign (EDDM) that you may be thinking about. EDDM is a service provided by the USPS where you can get the postcards delivered to every door on a route without having to put a name or address on it!  Budget friendly and well retained, magnetic post cards have  a retro charm and will bring back the nostalgic memories of the snail mail era in the minds of your recipients. In this digital age of virtual greetings and letters, it will be a pleasure for anyone to get a postcard dropped into their letter box at the gate by the post man! Post cards leave a personal touch to your campaigns. Magnetic postcards that will remain right in front of the customers will generate a lot of leads for your brand during its shelf life.

10.5x5.5 Custom Printed Magna-Peel Postcard with 3.5x4 Magnets

How to customize

The winning touch to every promotional postcard magnet lies in customizing it nicely. Here are a few tips that can be considered.

  1. Your brand and contact details
    Give your recipients a tangible idea about your business, which will make them feel confident and at ease while dealing with your business. Include all your contact details like email, phone number, fax number and more so that your audience has multiple ways to get in touch with you. You can even include the snapshots of the team behind the show to give your brand a human face.
  2. Local information about the neighborhood
    Buyers and sellers should know that they are dealing with a realtor who has a thorough knowledge of the locality and is familiar with the area. You can include handy tips like the interesting features of the locality, tourist attractions, real estate market trends or even about the sales figures of the area.
  3. Highlight Your Expertise
    Never shy away from highlighting your expertise and what you are well known for. The awards or certifications that you have won or the  years you have been in this business line will all go a long way in enhancing the trust of your customers in you. Tell your audience that they have an expert in hand when they choose you for their real estate requirements.
  4. Colors grab easy attention
    Make sure that your postcard magnets exude a festive feel and a bright profile. Colorful postcards will easily stand out in the mail that day but will also grab instant attention of your recipients. Think of bright colors that have positive vibes. It will surely make the recipients upbeat as well.

Next time when you are planning a mailer campaign to promote your real estate projects, make sure to include these essential elements that will make your postcards look better and well retained.

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