Pack A Punch To Your Summer Events With The Combo Effect Of QR Codes And Magnetic Postcards

Summer is a great time to experience and experiment new things for most people. Be it the outdoor fun, movies, concerts or the road trips, summer season makes a perfect time to infuse freshness to everyone’s lives. It is no different for marketers as well as summer promotional campaigns ensure the best possibilities and diverse trends. So, if you have been looking for some innovative promotional techniques to spice up your branding, check out the combo formula of QR codes and postcard magnets.8.5x5.5 Custom Magna Fold Postcard Magnets 25 Mil

Add QR Codes to any of our magnetic postcards to stir up the interest of your customers and to generate fresh leads. QR codes will take your recipients to your website and social media pages and will enable the marketers to track the results based on scans and to have a reliable business forecast.

Cater to the smartphone lifestyle of consumers with these unique custom magnets. These quick response codes make it easy for consumers to engage with your brand after scanning them with their phones. Marketers can include offers, video contests or website urls in QR codes to make a tangible connection with their audience.

By adding QR codes into the postcard magnets you can create the very best first impression in the consumer’s mind as these will take your recipients to the offers straight away. The fact that 94% of mobile users look for local information on their smart phones prove how effective these can be.

Pack an element of mystery to your marketing as people will always be tempted to find the perks that they can get by scanning these codes. A catchy slogan and a QR code will go a long way in stirring up the interest and enhancing the engagement of your brand with the audience. So, grab our magnetic postcards, put in the QR codes and add more muscle to your mailer campaigns this summer.8.5x5.25 Peel Postcard with 3.5x4 Custom Delivery Magnets 25 Mil

Add to it the big plus of postal discount on QR code mailers, which will make another tempting reason for marketers to adopt this promotional strategy.

Here are some of the postcard magnets that can be employed to drive up the value of your next direct mail campaign.

Magna Fold Postcard Magnets 25 Mil: These foldable postcards will make a great bet to include QR codes and to make announcements and offers. Your recipients will surely be impressed by these postcards that will remain permanent fixtures on their fridge doors.

Peel Postcard with 3.5×4 Custom Delivery Magnets 25 Mil: Your recipients will surely love these postcards that can be used by businesses to share interesting deals and offers.

Browse our postcard magnets collection and make sure you have the best trending items in hand for brand promotion this summer.

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