Custom Car Magnets – Give more Wheels To Your Promotional campaign

Turn the car of your customers and employees into a moving billboard and a marketing juggernaut with these personalized car magnets. Rev up the sales and indulge in a top gear brand promotion by simply driving around town using these custom magnets that can be printed with your brand message or artwork.

2.3125x3.375 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Square Corners Square Corners

Car magnets capture the most impressions and grab easy attention of passersby. Whether the vehicle is parked, on the move or stuck in the traffic, these billboards will grab the attention of hundreds of motorists and people on the road everyday.

Print it in your colors and theme

Personalization at its best! Custom car magnets will give you an added advantage of building a personal rapport with your customers. Say it in your colors or themes as these custom magnets are easy to personalize. Car magnets are easy to put on and take off and these custom magnets make a perfect blank canvas for you to put across your thoughts even on a small budget.

Facts and figures tell it all

  • Every year, on an average a vehicle is driven 15,000 miles and will be seen by over 9 million other vehicles.
  • Vehicle advertising can enhance brand exposure 15 times more effectively than any other conventional marketing medium.
  • Car magnets can be imprinted with promotional deals, newly launched products , contact details, company website, call to action and more.
  • The travel patterns of American adults in the age group of 18 years and above show that 9 in 10 Americans travel by road or rails regularly; they spend an average of 20 hours per week travelling and cover 169 miles.
  • Three-quarters of Americans take note of static and digital billboards, and advertisements on buses taxi cabs and in fact any street level advertising such as kiosks. The average viewership among travelers is a staggering 84%, which accounts for the tremendous popularity of custom magnets
  • Over two-thirds of travelers make their purchasing decisions outside their home.

Leave a powerful visual impression wherever you drive with these custom car magnets, which will showcase your marketing message mile-after-mile. The popularity of outdoor advertising has hit cloud nine in recent years and it is no wonder that car magnets have become part of the outdoor marketing mix for most marketers. After all, can anyone overlook a marketing medium that has the potential of generating at least 30,000 impressions a day?

Custom car magnets have one of the lowest cost-per-impressions among promotional items, which means that these make high number of impressions at a low budget. Considering the number of hours we Americans spend in traffic on our way to work, just think of the number of customers who may be seeing your brand every day!

The growing trend in mass transit advertising, which churns out 19% of industry revenue, is another reason for the popularity of car magnets. Business owners make use of the high visibility real estate offered by taxis, buses and delivery vehicles to place their promotional information. Apart from making your brand popular and portable, car magnets will drive up the brand goodwill of your brand.

The reports of the Federal Highway Administration predict a steady increase in the amount of time spent in personal vehicles and in the number of trips made per household. So, if you have been looking for a promotional item that will bring in consistent impressions with no repeat investment or effort, then these custom magnets could well be your choice.

Choose from a range of custom car magnets in all possible shapes and models to choose something that matches your theme.