Five Benefits of Custom Clip Magnets

Are you looking for a promotional gift that promotes your brand every day? If yes, then your search ends at these custom clip magnets. From posting pictures and notes to organizing mail and filefolders, clip magnets are used everywhere. An essential item in any house or office, custom clips are something people cannot resist for their high practical use. Available in a range of delightful colors and shapes like apples, heart, ribbon and animal shapes among others, these magnets have a non-slip mouth that won’t mark photos. Your logo will enjoy a proud display when these clips stand upright to display recipes and cards.

Custom Power Clip Heart

Custom clip magnets are available in various popular models such as magnetic bag clips and magnetic clip on sunglasses, paper clip magnet, magnetic clips for fridge, bulldog clips and much more.

These custom magnets will make a miniature billboard that will repeatedly display your marketing message and keep your logo in the minds of your clients consistently. These are easy on your wallets and can be imprinted with your logo, artwork or message and a full color imprint is all it take to leave a good impression in the minds of your customers. Durable and easy to distribute, these make perfect giveaways for tradeshows, conventions and fairs.

Here are the five top promotional benefits of custom clip magnets

Custom Power Clip Ribbon

  • Ensures Ongoing Exposure – People will use these clip magnets almost daily both at home and at work. This means that your logo and business message will be prominently displayed. We doubt whether you can find any other promotional gift that ensures such repeat exposure for so little investment.
  • Generate leads People love to receive gifts and freebies. Promotional gifts leave a positive impression in the minds of your customers and build up good will. Customers are more likely to remember and do business with a business organization that doles out gifts than someone who never uses gifts in promoting their brand.
  • Practical and Useful – Custom clip magnets enjoy mass appeal among your recipients for their functional features. Ideal for customers of all age groups and tastes, these custom magnets will never cease to charm the recipients.
  • Easily Customizable – Custom magnet clips can be imprinted with any logo, message and image of your choice in full color to gain the attention of your customers in no time. Every time they use these clips, your logo will be put on a proud display, which will surely prompt them to do business with you.

This clip can hold paper, little shopping lists, daily reminders and more as it attaches itself to a refrigerator door or the filing cabinet to make a regular reference spot for your customers. Just add your name and logo and you are rest assured of a daily exposure with minimum investment.

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