A Few Interesting Ways To Use Custom School Magnets

Custom school magnets are not just contact magnets or business card magnets. Choose from a wide range of models to add impetus to your brand visibility and reach out to parents and students.

Here are some of the School magnets that can be used for school fundraising and raising school spirit.

School outdoor magnets

Outdoor Car Magnets are not just for game days or political campaigns. These make great handouts for school and college events as well. It can be used as promotional item or a fund raiser to garner all the attention you could ask for.

Car magnets won’t damage the car surface and you can put them and take off as you wish. Place it anywhere on your car, send out as mailer items or sell off as fund raising items. Outdoor Car Magnets are versatile and easy to make it fit into any promotional plan of yours.

Football Shape School Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

If you are looking for a budget friendly way to turn your car into a portable billboard, look no further than car magnets. These made in USA and factory direct magnets can be imprinted with your brand and message to make these into high visibility billboards.

School Calendar Magnets

School calendar magnets will make a handy way for the school students to stay up to date. To keep up with these sports days, exam schedules, extracurricular activities and competitions, every school kid will find a calendar magnet highly useful. It can be difficult to stay up to date with all the events that schools offer their students these days. Well, school calendar magnet will make a smart solution to stay up to date.

School kids, teachers and parents will never miss a school event ever!  Just stick these full color magnets on your fridge or door frame to stay on top of upcoming events. Teachers can even keep it in their classrooms to be work ready at all times!

3.5x4 Custom School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

College Car Magnets

School outdoor magnets make excellent fund raising items for college students as well. These brilliantly colored fun magnets can be put to use to attract new students to the college, get your message across and highlight the quality of education you offer. Colleges can employ these attractive magnets as their fund raising items, get the attention of your donors and raise necessary funds.

These outdoor magnets make a great item in your college marketing campaign and will go a long way in increasing the number of supporters and popularity of your event. Simply choose the right theme, customize the magnets to add more to your event and spice up the campaign.

5.25x1.75 Custom School Bus Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

 School Locker Magnets

Though car magnets are designed for the outdoors, it can even be used indoors. Kids will find these useful to make their lockers stand out and add a pop of color to it. Magnets will give kids a great opportunity to flaunt the school pride and show their support to their school.

Locker magnets can also be used to pin their little notes and reminders by the kids. Choose from a wide range of interesting models and popular sizes that will appease the kids. Our design studio tool is so simple, which enables you to customize magnets in fun colors, interesting artwork or inspirational quotes that the kids will surely enjoy.

Pencil Shaped School Magnets 25 Mil

Why stop at one? These custom magnets are so affordable that you cannot resist the temptation of shopping in bulk. If you are planning an end of the academic year campaign  or early promotion for the upcoming year, these logo items will make a great choice.