Custom School Bus Magnets- Ideal Handouts for the New School Year   

The mere sight of these bright yellow colored magnets that are shaped like a school bus will make everyone curious to take a closer look. Your audience will indeed be excited to jazz up their fridge with these custom school magnets. If you’re looking for a small gift with a big bang you’ve found it in these interestingly shaped magnets!!

School Bus Shape Magnets 20 Mil

School bus magnets have a universally accepted design that make it even more powerful in purpose. Customize these with the school contact information, anthem and logo to make an effective reference item for parents, teachers and students. Unlike paper cards, which can often get lost or damaged, these custom magnets will enjoy a high retention and maximum visibility on the fridge doors and filing cabinets at home or office of your recipients.

These full color magnets will remain in plain sight of your audience, which in turn will make sure that your message is never missed. The best part is that these colorful magnets that are shaped like a school bus make the best souvenirs of school days for any teacher or student even after the school year. The fun and effective design of school bus magnets make it ideal for Elementary, Middle, and High School events and promotions. It can also be used in individual classrooms and after-school groups by personalizing it the most appropriate way.

5.25x1.75 Custom School Bus Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Custom School Bus Magnets make a great addition to your next promotional campaign- no matter whether you wish to say Thank You, convey vital information or reinforce brand recognition.

Make use of the high visibility imprint space to place your logo, school name and contact information and be sure that your message will stick around for years to come! A budget friendly yet popular choice for educational institutions, summer camps, transportation companies and nonprofit companies, school bus magnets will indeed add wheels to your new school year campaigns.

Get the school crowd stop for this exciting school bus shaped magnets that flaunt full-color printing, a high quality laminated finish and strong magnetic material. These uniquely shaped magnets stick around long after other publicity items have been tossed away and forgotten.

5.25x1.75 Custom School Bus Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

The best part is that these strong school bus magnets will hold paper, pictures, and more, which in turn will enhance the utility of the magnets and the interaction with the audience. Every time your prospects  check on their artwork or reminders that are pinned underneath these magnets, they will develop a positive association with your brand.

Make sure to browse our complete line of school bus magnets to choose an appropriate model and size to cater to your needs.

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