How custom promotional magnets benefit Health & Beauty businesses?

Health and beauty business is one of the most competitive and rewarding markets in the United States. It is interesting to note that clients often remain loyal to their favorite spas and salons, even during tough times like economic recession. So it becomes important for the spa owners to show their appreciation to their existing customers to stay afloat.

Promotional 2x3.5 Beauty Salon Business Card Magnets Square Corner 25 mil

Word of mouth publicity that brings in new customers is the most important form of publicity for most spa and beauty parlors. Personalized business gifts and mailers play an important role for these business lines to show their appreciation to their customers and to infuse freshness into even an ordinary and low budget promotional campaign.Promotional beauty and spa magnets have always been top choices for budget marketers in this context.

Here are some of the promotional gifts that can be employed to thank your clients for their patronage and to strengthen business relationships.

In store promotions

Custom hair care magnets are beautiful giveaways to promote your hair care services and to make your clients look good and feel great. These work fine as both in-store promotions and mailer campaigns to your regular clients. Imprint your logo, slogan, artwork and business messages on these good looking business magnets. They will never fail to grab the attention of your fashion savvy customers. You can even share some of the best kept secrets in hair care and health on these promotional gifts that will relieve them off all their bad hair day woes! 3.5×4 Custom Hair Care Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners is another top choice in this category that will make sure that your clients remain well groomed at all times with not even a strand of hair out of place ! The massive imprint area will keep your business message as prominent as you wish and the best part is that these won’t cost you an arm and leg.

4x7 inch Back Spa Massage magnets Round Corner

Discount coupons and gifts

Imprint discount deals and freebies on these Back Spa Massage Magnets to make excellent surprises for your customers during holidays. Make sure that your clients look their best during family celebrations, corporate parties and festive revelry. They will surely remember your brand for being their personal stylist! These can be handed out to your customers at the billing counter or along with gift items like vanity mirrors manicure sets or hair care kits when they leave the salon.

Greeting cards

Custom magnets also can also be used as greeting cards during Christmas and New Year. You can include your personal thank you message along with the seasonal greetings to let your recipients know how well you appreciate their beauty and health. A little personal touch can enhance your customer retention and brand exposure like never before!

Finding new leads
Salons and spas typically cater to local clients and to reach out to a wider audience they need to depend on mailer campaigns. Custom promotional magnets make handy mailer items thank to their sleek design and low weight. Mailing lists will open up a plethora of new leads and to gain their attention, you can include discounts or special offers for first time customers and this will surely ring a bell in their ears!

So, if you have been trying all these days to find an innovative and inspiring promotional idea for your spa and beauty salon, this could well be it!

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