Start your spring season marketing campaign now with custom magnets

The country has just come out of the winter blues into the cheerful spring season and what better time could you ask for to set out on a high pitch business campaign?

Start your spring season marketing campaign now with custom magnets

The pleasant months of April and May will bring more customers out of their homes and businesses typically report a hike of more than 5 percent in their monthly sales during the spring season. So, if you are looking for some hard to beat promotional ideas for spring that will make your customers take a look at your stores. Here we go!2x3.5 Realestate BusinessCard Magnets round Corner

Budget friendly promotional gifts have always been a rage and custom promotional magnets score high in this list. We have a long list of promotional magnets for every type of business line from hotels to spas, dental offices, pet care centers and more. Hand these logo imprinted magnets as gift coupons, free offers or holiday special deals and your customers will readily associate your brand with happy moments.

Custom magnets are available in different styles, shapes and price range to match your promotional needs. If you have been wondering on how these custom magnets works, the following tips will be useful.

Refrigerator magnets

The refrigerator is undeniably one of the most frequently used items in any house or office as people open their fridge countless times to grab their grub and drinks. People love to check out on what is new in their refrigerator food shelves as the food inside keeps changing while the door remains the same. These custom magnets make attractive fridge art and a convenient place to keep their daily reminders and shopping lists as well. Every time your recipients open the fridge doors, your logo will get a proud display and these regular impressions may transform into leads in some time.

Most people love to deck up their fridges with custom magnets, drawings and others personal souvenirs that evoke happy memories in them. The bright colors and creative images and texts will never fail to attract the attention of anyone who passes by these refrigerators.

3.5x4.5 Photo Frame Apple Punch Full Color Magnet

Car magnets

Everybody dreads traffic congestions, but your brand can enjoy an extended exposure in the form of car magnets that star out from the car bumpers. As cars inch their way in a choked highway, most drivers at your rear will be tempted to take a closer look at the car ahead of them and these bright and flashy logo imprinted magnet will surely grab a few eyeballs. The best part is that recipients in these slow moving vehicles can even note down the number or contact details in leisure.

Mass mailers

Custom Magnets are cost-effective advertisements that make perfect for mass events like tradeshows and expos. These make perfect options for mass mailer campaigns as well as these are light weight and trendy and will look good in envelopes.

Business owners who are on a budget will find these custom magnets a cool deal as these ensure a consistent brand display that too without breaking your bank. Custom logo magnets are perfect for business owners who are hard pressed for funds for multiple marketing campaigns.

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