Take your branding promo an extra mile with these promotional car magnets

There can’t be anything bad as living in an area where traffic jams are part of your daily life, however if your company is looking for a budget promotional idea that will attract a lot of attention it will be your greatest attribute! Custom car signs have a definite edge over other types of promotional magnets as the brand logo and message imprinted on these will never escape the attention of the passersby! Be it at the stop lights, parking lots or in the traffic jam, these car magnets will make an otherwise dreary car bumper a delightful sight for potential customers to look at!

1.5x2.25 Square Corners Magnet Outdoor Safe

Studies show that on an average people spend 42 hours or more a year in traffic, leading to a steep rise in the travel time of the commuters. Outdoor car magnets are smart ideas to promote hotels, pizzerias, auto stores, truck operators, florists and in fact any business line that wish to keep their branding turned on 24 x 7!

Election campaigns

Now that the election fever has already struck the electorate and the candidates, it is time for you to get your election campaign rolling. 12×12 Custom Political Campaign Car Bumper Truck Sign Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners is a smart promotional giveaway to drive the pace and purpose of your campaign. Raise the electioneering heat with these UV safe personalized 12 x 12 political campaign car bumper truck signs round corners. The massive size of these magnets will draw a few eyeballs right away. The full color imprints of your slogan will look stunning on these magnets that carry an insignia of the US map with the election symbols of all the political parties. Leave your style behind by handing out these stunning magnets that will live on for long even after the campaign wraps up for their beauty and creative value.

Year-long promotions

1.5×4.5 Custom Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners is another brilliant choice among car magnets. The expansive imprint area of these custom car magnets makes them perfect to show off their brand logo to the outside world. Let’s be frank about it, when you are sitting in the traffic all you can do is to look ahead at the car in front or out of your window where life goes on as usual! This is what makes custom car magnets a huge hit in outdoor promotions. These UV resistant magnets are resilient to brave the harsh weather conditions with ease and are exceptionally good choices for advertisers looking for a nonstop branding promo and campaigns all around the year.

1.5x3.75 Round Corners Magnet Outdoor Safe

Awareness campaigns

Promotional car magnets are wonderful options for awareness campaigns. Custom ribbon shaped magnets is a perfect way to kick start your branding promo. Cost effective and high profile, these magnets will look good on the car bumpers and will make sure that your message is well seen on the move forever! The entire magnet is your imprint space which means you have ample scope for creativity. Imprint your logo, message or artwork to grab the attention of the people around to add wings to your awareness campaigns. After all, social messages do deserve a wider audience!

The trump card of custom logo magnets is their versatility that makes it possible for you to employ these task masters in all possible roles!

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