The benefits of distributing custom notepad magnets

Win over your clients, prospects and whoever you meet by handing these custom magnetic notepads! Notepad magnets are extremely affordable, practical and make a smart way to grab easy recognition. There can’t be anyone who doesn’t use notepads in their daily lives. From making quick notes to grocery lists and appointments, notepads make a welcome addition to any household or workplace.

3.5x5.5 Peel And Stick Magnetic Sticky Pad Stock Notes 20 Sheet

Notepads enjoy a mass appeal and can be distributed to your customers of all types and age groups including students and artists. These custom magnets make handy items for professionals, home makers and companies alike and can be used for mass events like tradeshows, events or conventions. Light weight and stylish, notepad magnets make perfect mailer items and gift basket items as well.

A survey conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute found that recipients like to keep these items for an average period of around six months, which means your brand logo gets a high visibility. Notepads make an effective promotional item as companies can place their logo not just on the outside but as watermark on each individual page as well.

Customized notepad magnets make popular promotional gifts for the following reasons.

Notepads enjoy mass appeal

Unlike many other promotional items, notepad magnets enjoy a mass appeal and are useful for students, professionals, companies and individuals alike. Your logo and business message on these notepads will never fail to grab the attention of the users, every time they sit down to jot down their thoughts or to make a shopping list! Artists will find these blank paper pads ideal for drawing while college students will love to scribble their everyday musings on these notepads. 3.5×8 Custom Backer Note Pads 25 Sheets Magnets 25 Mil and 3.5×5.5 Peel And Stick Magnetic Sticky Pad Stock Notes 20 Sheet Magnets are popular models that have always been our top sellers and these should appease your tastes as well. Do check out and let us know!

Variety of sizes

From mini notepads to sticky pad notes and backer note pads, there is something special for everyone here in our stores. 3.5×10.5 Custom Magna Pads with Business Card Magnets 25 Mil or 3.5×6.25 Custom Magna Pads With House Shape Magnets 25 Mil are good choices to consider if you are looking for innovative designs.These products also come with different amounts and types of paper including lined or blank pages to suit the needs and preferences of the users. Surveys have time and again proved that useful items are more likely to spread company awareness than products that have only aesthetics value. When people use these notepads at the Metro, hotel lobby or airport, your logo will attract easy attention from everyone. As your recipients continue to use these products at work, at leisure or at home, your brand will get repeated impressions in the minds of your customers to make your brand popular.

3.5x6.25 Custom Printed Magna Pads

Organized office operations

Custom Notepad magnets are well sought for their immense potential to remove the clutter of office tables and to keep the works space well organized. Notepads make easy ways for workers to retain their thoughts, documents and task lists. Custom Notepad magnets also can be handed out as corporate gifts to new employees or as end of the school gifts for students or teachers.

If you are looking for a budget promotional giveaway that will be well received by all groups of customers, custom notepad magnets could well be the answer!

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