Popular custom business magnets that are worth every dime you spend

Promotional magnets make excellent giveaways. People like free stuff and when you hand out practical items your customers will remember your brand and business message easily. Custom magnets are long lasting and will never become out of fashion like say a printed T shirt.

4x5 in Starfish Save the Date Round Corner Magnets 20 Mil

Promotional magnets make handy practical items in every household that double up as a safe spot for people to keep their shopping lists and daily reminders. Every time they check out on their pending errands and task lists, the logo on these trendy magnets get a proud display. These trendy magnets that are available in a range of shapes, sizes and price ranges, these make a low cost yet high impact promotional giveaway for all around the year promotions. These can be slapped anywhere virtually for all eyes to see. Be it on the office cubicle, a gym locker, filing cabinet or car bumper, custom logo magnets will ensure a consistent logo promotion and a lot of visibility for your brand.

Promotional magnets can be used in many different ways and a bit of creativity and smart marketing will make these custom magnets prominent billboards for your brand. How can you use promotional magnets for your company? See a few real business situations where these can be employed for a successful brand promotion.

Sports Magnets

A fabulous way to tip toe into the homes and hearts of sports lovers, these sports magnets are born to be crowd pleasers. Your fans will feel well appreciated with these calendar imprinted with the upcoming sporting events. You can choose from football schedule magnets to baseball, hockey or golf to match the tastes of your customers and your branding needs. Imprint an eye catching design, your business logo and a few peppy business slogans and Voila! -an irresistible giveaway that everyone will want to get their hands on is ready.

4x7 inch Football Schedule Round Corner Magnets

Emergency services magnets

Show the world that your brand building promo is also the time for you to take into consideration the safety and well being of your clients with these emergency services magnets. You can imprint your logo, business messages, emergency numbers like 911, police, poison control and more. You can even leave space for your recipients to note down numbers that matter to them. You will agree that this promotional magnet will never come down from the fridge of any recipient for its high functional features and attractive designs!

Save the Date Magnets

One of our regular best sellers, save the date magnets will make your lives simple and well organized. These personalized magnetic invitations can be used to announce all types of joyous events like weddings, anniversary celebrations, birthdays and much more. These will serve as gentle reminder of the big day to your guests and typically serve as pre-invitation and a perfect announcement token. The best part is that these attractive refrigerator magnets will continue to show off your logo even when the event passes as a memoir of that special event or as a delightful fridge art. These custom magnets make excellent promotional giveaways to promote wedding planners and festive season sales. The attractive price factor of these magnets makes these a perfect option for tradeshows, events and fairs especially during the popular wedding and festive seasons.

What’s your favorite promotional giveaway magnet? We will be glad to know your ideas and tips as well.