The most popular Political campaign magnets to watch out for 2016 election campaigns

The election euphoria has already set in. People are anxiously counting the days when they will be at the polling booths to be part of the mandate in the oldest democracy of the world! If you are looking for an effective promotional giveaway to woo the voters and to keep your candidature in the spotlight all through, do not look beyond custom promotional magnets. These are cost effective , long lasting, easy to distribute and perfect for mass events like tradeshows, rallies and meetings.

11.13x16.5 Car Sign Reflective Oval Shape Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Here are some of the most popular campaign and election magnets that can be employed in the ensuing political campaigns. Oval magnets and circle magnets steal the show when it comes to election magnets. The generous imprint area and the charm of these dainty promotional buttons will ensure instant attraction.

Promotional buttons

Typically circle magnets in sizes ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches are used as promotional buttons. Imprint your party symbols, election slogan and message to reach out to your voters.

Promotional buttons have helped some of our greatest leaders in their political campaigns. George Washington is said to have used commemorative buttons during his election, which is also one of the earliest documented uses of promotional giveaways. The historical legacy of these magnets also has made them favorite collectible items and personal gifts. Promotional buttons have not undergone any significant change since the early 20th century, except for the creative scopes and features like light up models.

Custom 12x18 Political Campaign Car Bumper Truck Signs Round Corners 30 mil

Promotional buttons also have been made popular by hit movies like the 1999 movie Office Space where Joanna, played by Jennifer Aniston in her restaurant job uses dozens of promotional buttons to add a buzz to her profile.

Oval car magnets

Outdoor magnets hold the cue for any successful election campaign. These colorful magnets that can be stuck on the car bumpers of the fleet of vehicles of supporters and party workers of the candidate will grab a few eyeballs in no time. 11.13×16.5 Custom Political Campaign Car Reflective Oval Shape Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets will make sure that you get an extra mileage and exposure on your branding promo. These 30 MIL magnets that possess UV coating make them perform even under harsh weather conditions. Let not the weather blues prove a dampener during your political campaigns as these custom magnets will enable the candidates to address the voters with confidence and ensure maximum visibility to their campaign information.

Billboards, flyers and brochures are costly and leave only a limited impression due to their short shelf life. Above all these paper promotional materials leave a pile of mess during and after the campaign trail, which might land you in trouble as well. This is where these cost effective oval car magnets score a few brownie points. Campaigners working on constrained budgets can employ these personalized magnets as mobile billboards for announcing their candidature as bulk purchases enjoy attractive price benefits.