Personalized truck shaped magnets make wonder gifts for National Transportation Month

May is National Transportation Month and business owners can celebrate this occasion by handing out innovative promotional gifts that go well with this theme. It will be a cool idea to distribute car stickers or truck and car shaped logo imprinted magnets to your employees and customers to make them realize the importance of national transportation month.

4.88x2.12 School Bus Shape Full Color Magnets

There are various modes of transport like cars, bikes or public transport for the commuters to get to office and back.Business owners can make use of promotional magnets to make their transportation smooth and hassle free.

  • Driving will be the easiest way to get around for most of your customers or employees. However, a bad weather day or a mechanical failure is all it takes to get them grounded and spoil their day! So you can ensure that your customers are well braced up to face these snags by distributing emergency service magnets that list out emergency helpline numbers. If you are trying to promote your car or truck dealership, you can imprint the generous area of these magnets with road safety tips and essential information like the right tire pressure and fuel saving tips that will come to the aid of your recipients.
  • Students can be taught the importance of road safety awareness and tips during the National Transportation Month. We have curious shaped school magnets like 4.88×2.12 Custom School Bus Shape Magnets 20 Mil that make perfect handouts for schools and awareness campaigns. Imprint your logo and business message on these and when students take home these delightful magnets, your brand will get the attention and appreciation of their parents and family.

Personalized Dial 911 Magnet 3x3 inch Preserver Shaped Full Color 20 mil

  • Public transportation remains a popular choice for the travelling lot in major metropolitan areas. Buses, ferries and trains all make convenient mass transport options which also double up as potent marketing and brand building opportunities for your business. You can hand out promotional magnetic notepads for those who wish to spend their long hours in the traffic jotting down their random thoughts. Custom clip magnets are also excellent options to promote your brand among your customers on the move as these will help them to hold the newspapers steady even on a windy day during their bus journey.
  • Truck and car shaped outdoor magnets will be a delightful way to celebrate this occasion. Imprint your logo, business message and artwork and see how these magnets will instantly grab the attention of even a casual onlooker due to their peculiar shape and colorful designs. 1.75×4.37 Custom Printed Truck Shaped Magnets 20 Mil or 1.5×4.5 Custom Printed Car Shaped Magnets 20 Mil will be good options to promote your brand along with popularizing safe travel tips and road safety awareness on the occasion of the National transportation month.
  • Mailer campaigns for your regularly travelling customers will be another good option to reach out to your target audience. Choose custom magnets as discount coupons for car wash or wheel alignment and your customers will instantly remember your brand for being considerate towards their comfort and safety. Custom Circle Magnets will make wonderful options for mailers due to their sleek deign and generous imprint area.

These are only a few tips and you can get creative with these to suit your branding needs. So how are you going to celebrate this occasion to promote your brand and to be in the good books of your customers?