Tear Off Calendar Magnets make Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas

If you leave aside the economic uncertainties, the basic formula of any successful real estate marketing campaign is all about brand exposure and getting connected to their market and customers.

3 5x6 25 inch House Shaped Calendar Magnets

According to Realtor Magazine, branding is the bedrock of effective brand promotion for real estate agents. So, make sure that you make your logo familiar with your prospective customers through tradeshows, home expos, conventions and the like. Here are some real estate marketing ideas that will never fail to work in favor of your brand

Targeted approach

Focus on a specific population and come out with unique gifts and marketing strategies that will help you to connect with them easily. For instance real estate market caters to a range of different types of customers like first-time home buyers, seniors, single parents and more. Make sure that you market your products to their specific needs. Be a useful resource that provides guidance to the home owners and sellers alike to make your brand popular.

Most realtors enjoy basking in the glory of word of mouth publicity and good will. Loyalty coupons and gifts like free dinner or furniture items will leave your existing customers happy that they will surely continue to refer more of their contacts and friends.

Stay Current

Stay connected with your target audience, give out useful and interesting promotional gifts that highlight your identity and use the powers of social networking media to promote and prosper.

Promotional gifts

Employing interesting and practical promotional gifts will help you define your niche and highlight your area of expertise. Make sure to stay ahead of the rest of the players in the field and convey your area of expertise in clear and concise terms that will make your clients come in search of someone just like you!

Tear off calendar magnets are perfect options to highlight your current and upcoming projects, monthly targets and anything you wish to convey to your customers. The logo imprinted magnets on the top of these brightly colored calendars will never escape the attention of your users. These magnetic tear-off calendars can be easily placed over refrigerator doors and get the people drawn towards your logo. Calendar magnets will help your logo make a stride into the homes of your targeted customers and stay there for a year or more!

3.5x6.25 Inch Tear Off Calendar Magnets October

There are many attractive models of tear off calendar magnets like 3.5×6.25 Customized Peel n Stick Tear Off Calendar Magnets 25 Mil which will help you to place your brand and message right in front of them for a whole year. People often keep these calendar magnets even after the year is gone by for its beauty as a fridge art, which means that you logo gets an extended lease of exposure.

3.5×6.25 Custom Tear Off Calendar With House Shape Imprinted Magnets 25 Mil is perfect for advertisers who wish to improve their brand value in a very attractive and powerful way. This tear off calendar attached with house shape imprinted magnets will inspire your customers to avail your services every time they take a look at their daily schedules and planners.

So, if you think your conventional marking approach has not been working as well as you might have wished, the above tips will surely be helpful in making your brand promo a runaway success.