Make Your Menu Popular With Restaurant Magnets

Restaurants often adopt innovative promotional tactics, to make their brand stand out in a highly competitive market. Restaurant menu magnets are a great way to highlight your signature dishes and special deals without being intrusive.  Get these trendy custom restaurant magnets printed with your menu or artwork and send it out to your clients. It will make sure that they will have your menu right in front of their eye sight even before they open the fridge. You can even add discount coupons and monthly offers on it to enhance its value.

 These full color custom magnets offer a quick solution for you to engage the audience with your menu. Customers will surely be tempted to visit your restaurant more often every time they see these menu magnets because they will never misplace your latest menu.

Making Your Creativity Count

 The best part is that custom magnets are fully customizable. Come up with creative ideas like artwork and designs to make your custom magnets people will want to pick up and use. The idea is to align the magnet content with customers’ lifestyles and preferences. Use clever and compelling message that customers will latch on to and drives greater awareness.

Menu magnets

Make your brand on these menu magnets a lifestyle choice of your audience, by customizing these full color magnets with your message. These magnets will tell everyone about the favorite restaurant of your audience. It will even make a great talking topic among their friends and family to set off word of mouth publicity.

Business card magnets

Leave a bowl of full color magnets on the counter to inspire your regular customers to grab as they go. These interesting magnets will make its way to the fridge doors of the audience; thereby ensuring high visibility for your brand. It will also help your customers to show off their food choices while making a great place to hold up reminders and shopping lists.

Why restaurant magnets

In addition, advertising magnets are tools that really work! If you wish to promote your brand  on a budget and make consistent impressions for a long time , logo magnets will make a great choice. Whenever people see or use these attractive magnets, they will remember about your restaurant. Hence will make a stimulating way to encourage your business. Ideal for small businesses and budget marketers, these budget friendly magnets will fit all types of marketing plans.

Your recipients are less likely to misplace or discard logo magnets that are long lasting and cost effective than conventional advertisements, While your paper business cards may get damaged or misplaced, these full color magnets will find a lasting place on your customer’s fridge doors or filing cabinets. So, if you have been looking for a marketing strategy that is budget friendly and distinctive, look no further than custom restaurant magnets.


Promotional magnets can be used to impress both customer and clients as they are highly adaptable. Marketers can use in countless ways to boost their brand exposure. From enhancing the potential sales of their products to raise fund for a social cause or thank their regular clients, custom restaurant magnets will put your brand on top of your customers mind.

Moreover, these high quality magnets will stick on nearly all metal surfaces and enjoy incredible visibility . For any business that deals with a family audience like restaurants, fridge magnet is an effective promotional tool. Further, you can print any designs and patterns that you wish to draw the attention of your audience.

Benefits of Promotional restaurant Magnets

Easy to distribute

Custom magnets can also be distributed in person or as mailer items just the way you distribute business cards. Customize with your brand, message and artwork to make it stand out in style.

High visibility

Full color custom refrigerator magnets will surely get a strategic display on fridge doors and cars, which in turn will make your brand the center of attraction of everyone. Your customers will definitely get engaged with your message due to constant exposure that these magnets ensure.


Custom magnets are highly durable and long lasting. Thus your message will stay in plain view of the audience for years together.


Promotional magnets can be used as decorative items and souvenirs also, which in turn will enhance its popularity further.


Custom magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions and hence make a budget friendly way to promote your brand. Choose magnets in a wide range of shapes and models that will complement your business theme and make heads turn. So, if you want to impress your client while making consistent impressions, look no further than custom magnets. This is the proven method of informing your clients about your services and branded products.

Easy to customize

Restaurant magnets are also available in a wide range of models at every price rate. There are countless ways to integrate these low-cost, high-impact marketing tools into your promotional plan. Whether you use it as awareness giveaways, fund raising items or promotional items, these attractive custom magnets will never fail to work for your brand.

Here are some interesting ways to use custom magnets in your promotional plan.

Referral giveaways

Moreover, customer experience is highly important in today’s scenario of Inbound Marketing. Ensuring a positive customer experience will set off referrals and will ensure consistent leads. Referral giveaways like magnets will impress your existing clients while making new leads. The best part is that 91% of promotional products are used in the kitchen and custom magnets too occupy a prominent spot on the fridge doors and oven doors. Thus the chances of  your customers seeing your name is pretty high, when you include fridge magnets in your marketing. It will even make a  strong platform to advertise your message and to make your brand get noticed over and again!

As thank you items

Show that you care for your customers by handing out these full color magnets that will act as mini billboards for your business. Surveys even show that customers who receive any type of promotional item will have a  more positive attitude towards that company. So, popular handouts like fridge magnets will indeed be a great way to get your message across to a large audience at easy rates.

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