Street Advertising At Its Best- Custom Car Magnets

A high visibility street advertising display will get your message across to a wider audience beyond the home crowd. Available in various models and sizes, car magnets will ensure consistent brand publicity at one time investment. People on average need to see an advertisement about 7-8 times to make them familiar with your brand and may need a lot more display before the audience turns your loyal customers.

Street advertisements like car magnets enjoy a great display among people around. Thus your brand exposure will increase substantially. Add your brand and message to these full color custom magnets to leave  a long lasting impression in the minds of the audience. Durable and long lasting , logo magnets will have a higher branding power than most conventional advertisements like billboards or flyers.

Additionally, car magnets are outdoor safe and will remain vibrant even in sun and rain. It also provides incredible customization options.

Why Should You Invest In car magnets for Street Advertising Display?

It is persistent

Street advertising is something that people cannot block and hence make a persistent outdoor display strategy that people will undoubtedly see and watch especially when they are out on the streets.

It advertises every time your business vehicle hits the road

While  in-store displays stay visible only  as a long as the store remains open,  portable handouts like car magnets will be seen every time you drive around the vehicle. Thus you can make the best use of the advertising hours when people are out on the streets.

It has a wider reach

Car magnets enjoy a wider reach and will get your message into a wider audience. Be it the workforce  returning from  offices, the commuting  crowd or casual pedestrians, your message on these full color car magnets will get a wide angle display in front of a diverse audience. So, just think of the daily exposure your brand will get on these eye catchy magnets.

Car magnets are  visible

During rush hours car magnets will get a lot of attention. Whether your business vehicle is moving or is stuck at the traffic lights, car magnets will never be missed. The best part is that these moving street advertisements will turn both high foot and vehicle traffic to your advantage.

Targeted promotions

Marketers can choose to  get their custom car magnets displayed wherever their target audience are likely  to be present. For instance, if your brand promotion is targeted towards college students, you can choose to park the vehicles near universities and educational institutions to get the attention of your target audience. Car magnets will also give the opportunity for marketing managers to put their magnets in busy places, where there is a higher likelihood of their message to get the attention of customers repeatedly.


Since the street crowd is wide, you can be sure that your custom magnets will get the undivided attention of this wide audience. In addition, if you plan to target a specific market, you can customize car magnets accordingly by taking their interests into consideration.


People are always bombarded with advertisements from their phones, display boards, TV ads and more. So, the only messages that stick to them are the ones that pique their interest. Customize these full color magnets with interesting quotes, slogans or artwork to make it stand out against the competitors.

So, how do you plan to make your street advertising display to be memorable? Share your thoughts with us on our facebook page.

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