Give Your In- House Promotion An Edge with Fridge Magnets

Super markets, restaurants and  cafes planning an in store promotion on a budget can invest in custom fridge magnets. When people step into a store, the first thing they explore will be the refrigerators to see the new products and tasty delicacies that are in stock. This is where marketing on store refrigerator comes in. Get easy eyeballs for your brand with these full color custom fridge magnets that will stick nicely on the fridge doors

This type of fridge door marketing is not new. It is popular among food and drink brands to stand out against competitors.

Benefits of Refrigerator magnets

High Foot Traffic

The refrigerator is the first thing people find when they’re out shopping especially when they  are in mood to buy some drinks or grubs. In addition, the refrigerators are usually located at the back or at the side of the stores which people frequently see and pass by. Even customer who might not have any intention to buy  food items will be tempted to take a look when they see these attractive custom magnets gazing at them. Besides, it could inspire them to walk closer and check the products as well.

Maximize Exposure

Make use of the fridge store  space to highlight your brand and message with custom fridge magnets . It will promote your brand and event on a budget. The best part is that your message will get the attention of a fresh set  of audience every day.

Budget friendly promotions

Logo magnets are cost-effective promotional items that marketer can customize in any way that you wish. Apart from just  your logo and contact information, think of interesting designs and artwork that will make it visually appealing.

Long lasting

Our custom magnets are made in USA from superior quality stock material that can withstand elements and  retain quality for a long time.

Business promotion sans space constraints

The refrigerator in stores will be a retail shelf that is almost always full. It is frequently refilled with products so consumers will naturally be happy to check it out regularly. So, every time they open the fridge doors, they will see your brand and message as well.

The best part is that you can highlight your business message in a unique way on these full color magnets .  You can even include fun contests or QR code on these magnets to lead them to your website. Here your creativity is the only limitation for brands to think out of the box.


In addition, promotional merchandise like magnets will get  a prime real estate on the fridge doors . Hence, it is a clever way to use the blank space  on refrigerators to leave a lasting impression on people. Thus logo refrigerator magnets will unveil your creative marketing solutions to make it fun and interactive. Make sure to include your corporate colors to leave a  strong impression on your consumers.

Design Flexibility

The power of visuals in marketing is indeed something that can never be overlooked. Thus by creating the right look and feel in a memorable way, you can take your promotions into a wider market. Custom refrigerator magnets will give your business a lot of leeway. From classic models like magnetic business cards to die cut magnets and everything in between, you can choose  from a wide range of models in just about any price rate.

So, do you plan to use fridge magnets for your in-store promotions? Share your ideas with us.

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