Magnetic Notepads- Get Your Brand Into Every Page On A Few Pennies

With the promotional budget for 2016 almost used up, most marketers are trying to find budget friendly promotional items to take their brand promotion through the remaining months of the year.

What makes magnetic notepads popular? These are budget friendly, practical and ubiquitous. Everyone will love to have a notepad on their work desks at home or even in their car dashboard. Be it to make a quick note, scribble a few random thoughts or pass information among your team, notepads come handy everywhere, every time.

Bring your logo and snapshots to life on these logo notepads from us at Custom Magnets Direct and make sure to get your message delivered bang on target. These are great to promote schools, colleges, banks, financial institutions and more as note taking takes place all the time. Magnetic notepads also make wonderful employee gifts for your team. Every time they are on sales call or at tradeshows or business events, your brand will be put on a wide display in front of a massive audience.

Looking for some trending models to be employed in your forthcoming promotions? These clues will surely help

Custom Magna Pads Magnets 25 Mil Will make a popular business gift that can be suitably customized with information. Unlike regular notepads, these magnetic notepads can be stuck over the refrigerator door or work cubicles, which means that your recipients will have an easily accessible notepad whenever they want while your brand enjoys a higher recall.3.5x6.25 Custom Magna Pads Magnets 25 Mil

3.5×10.5 Custom Magna Pads with Business Card Magnets 25 Mil How about handing out your business card along with the notepads to offer high visibility to all those advertisers who wish to seek it for promotional purposes. This notepad that can be stuck against the refrigerator comes handy especially when your recipients need to jot down some information or access some information, reminders or schedule.3.5x10.5 Custom Magna Pads with Business Card Magnets 25 Mil

3.5×6.25 Custom Things To Do Magnetic Notepads 25 Mil: Help your recipients to stay organized and to keep tab of their hectic schedules with these magnetic notepads that everyone will find useful to note down their reminders. Imprint your logo and message on these and every time your recipients check their reminders they will be engaged with your brand in a friendly and light hearted manner.3.5x6.25 Custom Things To Do Magnetic Notepads 25 Mil

Magnetic notepads can be used to promote career fairs, hotels, financial advisors, health care providers and more. Whenever your customers need to make a note, they will be reminded of your brand and message. Studies have proven that practical logo items enjoy a longer retention and that is what makes gift items like these custom magnets hugely popular among every genre of recipients. Browse our well sorted collection of magnetic notepads and choose a model that complements your business theme.

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