6 Interesting Ways To Use Promotional Magnets In Brand Promotions

Refrigerator magnets make a budget friendly way to keep their brands in front of the customers for most business owners. Indoor magnets that can be used on the prime refrigerator real estate will surely earn your message the much needed exposure.

Here are 6 ways to do that.

  1. Emergency numbers — Apart from imprinting your logo or mascot on custom magnets, you can enhance its value by including useful information like emergency numbers like poison control, fire department or police among others.
  2. Coupon Magnet — Add coupons into your promotional magnets that the recipients can redeem for future purchases. It is a clever way to keep your recipients hooked to your brand. Every time your recipients take a look at the coupon validity date and amount, they will be reminded of your brand in a subtle yet effective manner.
  3. Measurement Conversion — Refrigerator magnets are the best options to get the kitchen conversion units imprinted. Show conversion rates for cups to ounces, tablespoons or teaspoons to make these magnets a ready reference for all the newbie cooks among your recipients. Every time they churn out a delicious cake or curry, they will thank your brand and will make sure to share it with their guests and friends, which in turn will set off word of mouth publicity for your brand!
  4. Local Phone Numbers —You can hand out custom calendar magnets for your recipients with important local phone numbers. Make sure to leave enough white space for the homeowner to write more numbers. This will make sure that your imprinted item will get a lot of face time and interaction with your customers, which will prompt them to retain it even after the year end.2.7x5.6 Custom Printed Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners
  5. Babysitter Checklist — Make all the parents in your audience feel relaxed by handing out these custom magnetic notepads, which can be used to leave instructions and information to the baby sitters such as allergies, proper medicine dose amounts and the parents’ mobile numbers among others.
  6. Sports Schedule Magnet — Though these are good only for a season, the amazing popularity and face time that these grab during the sports season will make it a trusted promotional tool for most business owners. Add up to the value of these sports schedule magnets by imprinting local pro teams, NASCAR, and high school sports schedules and see how easily your brand becomes part of the daily lives of your recipients.3.5x9 Custom Soccer Schedules Magna Card Business Card Magnets 20 Mil

In addition to the above, you can think of other ideas like event schedules, holidays, QR codes or grocery lists to add up to the value of the refrigerator real estate. Imprint your company’s website URL and phone number on these attractively customized magnets that can be included in mailer campaigns, as goodie bag items, tradeshow handouts and more. You can even distribute these around the office and we are sure people will always find these magnets useful.

No matter how you choose to employ these, make sure to customize these to wean your recipients off the internet whenever they need to look for products or services. So make doubly sure that your custom magnets are attractive and prominent enough to enjoy a permanent position on the refrigerators of your recipients.

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