How Magnetic Notepads Ensure More Value for Your Promotional Dollars

Businesses looking for popular and appealing gift ideas that fit into their small promotional budget will find these unique magnetic notepads a great choice. Getting your message out without blowing the budget is what makes the success formula of every brand campaign. These custom magnetic notepads will help you in optimizing your promotional dollars and grab your client’s attention all at once.

So, if you also happen to be one of those budget conscious marketers who have been thinking on how to capture the attention of your audience in an affordable way, you have come to the right place at custommagnetsdirect.

Imprint these practical gifts of notepads with your logo and message and every time your clients want to jot down a phone number, a recipe or some information, they will be reminded of your logo. Pump up the utility of these promotional items by adding useful information like first aid tips, CPR instructions or kitchen equivalents information. Your clients will surely retain these magnetic notepads not just for the wad of white papers but also for these essential bits of information.

Benefits of custom magnetic notepads

  • Magnetic notepads are light weight, compact and easy to distribute in tradeshows, on the street or during mailer campaigns
  • Clients will feel a sense of reciprocity when they get a notepad and will prompt them to do business with your company
  • Magnetic notepads make excellent corporate gift items that will drive up the loyalty of your recipients
  • These custom gifts will not just keep your company information displayed in front of your customer but will create a feeling of goodwill among your recipients.
  • These practical and low cost items of magnetic notepads can retain customers and make new leads as these are warmly received than ordinary novelty items.
  • Magnetic notepads are items that hold value for a very long time, which will make it a great option for long term promotions and brand building.

Here are some of the popular models of custom magnetic notepads that can be considered

Custom Notepads Blank Magna Pads House Shape Magnets 25 Mil : These will make an excellent branding tool cum an essential office or home accessory. Advertisers of all genres especially the ones involved in start up businesses and individual businesses can successfully employ these logo items in their promotions. These are great for promoting realtor agencies, house maintenance services, home surveyors and more.3.5x6.25 Custom Notepads Blank Magna Pads House Shape Magnets 25 Mil

Magnetic Note Pad Plain White Sheet 50 Sheet Magnets 25 MilMost of us cannot function with a notepad as these help us to keep track of schedules, shopping, holiday plans and much more. Advertisers can offer these note pads during their brand building campaigns as these ubiquitous items will keep your brand fresh in the minds of your recipients for a very long time.3.5x6.25 Custom Magnetic Note Pad Plain White Sheet 50 Sheet Magnets 25 Mil

Magna Pads Business Card Magnets 25 Mil : These notepads that are attached with a business card magnet will serve the dual purpose of business promotion and information management with ease. A great item for work desks, home, or car, these handy gift items will ensure ample portability and exposure for your brand.3.5x6.25 Custom Magna Pads Business Card Magnets 25 Mil

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