How to customize Car magnets for business promotions

Car magnets ensure ample portability and exposure to your brand, which makes it a perfect outdoor advertising tool. Attractive and attention grabbing, a well designed car magnet will never fail to stir up the interest of your recipients.24x12 Custom Magnetic Car and Truck Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Here are some smart tips to remember while customizing car magnets

Simplicity is the key
Car magnets that enjoy a simple and straight design are the most effective in conveying your business message. Make sure not to stuff too much information on magnets as these may only go unnoticed by people driving by. Remember, while driving people may not have the time or scope to pause to read all the information before speeding away. This is why only the most relevant information including your company name, address or phone number should go into custom magnets. Even a catchy tagline or an attractive artwork will be equally effective in grabbing the attention of the audience.

If your customers get the company name in their mind, it will be easy for them to research about your organization online. So overloading too much information on these promotional magnets will not be a sensible idea as it will only put off your audience.

Image resolution
Make sure that you use a high resolution image on these custom magnets to ensure clarity. Low resolution images will have a pixellated appearance when magnified. It is recommended to seek professional help in designing your artwork for best results.

Full color graphics
Anyone who is driving will have less than 4 seconds to read the information on your car magnets. So, if the information provided on these is not clear, the whole purpose will be lost. Make sure to use high color graphics to make your custom car magnets attractive and visually appealing.
Car magnets will stick not just on the metal car doors but also shop windows, filing cabinets and more. Car magnets can be employed in countless ways during branding and awareness campaigns including the following

  • Political campaigns: The shortest and the smartest way to gain the attention of a floating crowd of voters will be these attractive car magnets. Imprint your slogan, election message and Voila! you are ready with a hard hitting promotional tool that nobody can resist.
  • Special deal promotions: Planning a special deal, limited time offer or a festive season sales? Custom car magnets will make a perfect choice for getting your message out in style. Get your information imprinted in spicy and cheeky one-liners on these colorful magnets, stick around a few on your promotional vehicles and drive around or stay put! Your message will grab the attention of your potential customers in no time.
  • Business promotions: Car magnets are well suited to promote all types of businesses especially mover and packers, gardeners, realtor agencies, auto repair shops and more. Car magnets make a smart way to get engaged with the community and to reach out to new customers. Imagine how many curious pairs of eyes will browse the information imprinted on these colorful magnets that are stuck on your sales vehicles that ply on the road.
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