How Direct Mail Magnets Can Aid Budget Promotions

Direct mail magnetic postcards have become a growing trend to spread business messages and retain customers. Studies show that magnetic postcards have a 50% more chance of getting read by the recipients than traditional direct mail postcards. So, if you are looking for a budget friendly hand out to get your message out or to announce your rebranding or deals, these custom magnets will make a great option.

Here are some of the best ways to employ direct mail magnetic postcards

Radius mailings: Mail these postcard magnets to everyone in a certain radius around your business. This will make your brand popular in the community and will encourage the customers around to check out your product line or services.

New neighbor mailings: The best way to welcome those who have moved into your locality will be by sending these postcard magnets and free deals for your customers and create the best first impression. Who knows, you will be even winning a new customer for life.

Loyalty mailings: Maintain a database of your regular clients and send them these postcard magnets on a regular basis, which will keep them reminded of your logo and encourage them to come back again and again.

Targeted mailings: Mail postcard magnets to the most potential customers to be and you can use filters of age, income or networth to reach out to the most appropriate customers.

Door to door direct mail: Set out on a door to door campaign with these popular logo items, which will help you to reach out to the most by spending less than other types of mail.

Post card magnets are best to announce special deals and offers like free service, discount deals , tune up services and limited time offers. So, if you are looking for a few postcard magnets that will work great for you, here are a few options to consider.

Custom Magna Seal Postcard Magnets 20 Mil These make excellent choices for bulk mail campaigns. Low in cost yet high in visibility, these post card magnets will keep your business message in front of your recipients for a very long time.8.51x5.26 to 8.5x10.875 Custom Magna Seal Postcard Magnets 20 Mil

Custom Magna Fold Postcard Magnets 25 Mil These postcard magnets will let you pack a lot of business information at a competitive price. Imprint your logo, message or artwork on these magnets to add a personal touch. Marketers can also choose to customize this magnet in brand specific colors.8.5x5.5 Custom Magna Fold Postcard Magnets 25 Mil

8.5×5.25 Peel Postcard with 3.5×4 Custom Delivery Magnets 25 Mil These magnets will make a good business gift for advertisers seeking quick attention and for mass mailer campaigns. These make a quick and efficient way to spread message and to promote special deals and offers.8.5x5.25 Peel Postcard with 3.5x4 Custom Delivery Magnets 25 Mil

We have a range of postcard magnets in various sizes and models, Choose the one that suits your budget or theme and let the world know about your message.