December Is National Tie Month- Plan Your Promotions

December is National Tie month, which means it’s time to get rid of ugly ties, recycle or donate ties you no longer use and more. It is a great time to spread the news, raise funds for schools and more. The legacy is that the first available evidence of neckties date back to Shih Huang Ti, China’s first emperor back in 221 B.C., and his Terracotta Soldiers.


Ties were originally known as cravat, which traces its origin to the 1600’s during the Croatian war, when the mercenaries’ cravats caught the Parisian attention and became part of their fashion culture. Neck ties have always been items of style and distinction.The modern tie was invented in the late 1800’s, sometime after the ascot was created. These were used as apparel accessories by the powerful, the influential and successful businessmen and show business celebrities to stand out in the crowd and to boost their personality.

How to Celebrate Tie Month
Businesses can celebrate Tie Month in different ways. Employees can be encouraged to wear necktie for the month. The best thing is that in the cold frosty weather of December these will make a comfortable accessory that cover up their neck and throat. Those who are not in a habit of wearing tie can get started by heading out to purchase a set of 6 ties straight-away, – one for every day of the week! It is a great occasion to even master different tie knots and ways to tie this marvelous accessory.2x3.5 Custom Tie Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Recycle old ties
You can donate or sell your old ties that are in good condition. The best thing is that you can even recycle it into new items like a Christmas tree skirt, Christmas ornaments or even a case for your cell phone. The choices are all yours and you just need to be creative.

Themed Promotional gifts
Business owners who will be planning a themed promotional event on Tie month can think about appropriate gift ideas that will not just spread awareness about Tie month but will also make fun gifts to promote your brand. Tie shaped custom magnets will be a wonderful choice to consider. Be it as employee gifts, end of the year gifts for your male patrons or raffle gifts, these magnets will never fail to grab the attention of your recipients for its unique shape. These will look good on fridge doors or filing cabinets and will smarten up the spaces in no time. Imprint your brand and message on these and see how these custom gifts will ensure a quick makeover for your brand.

Here are some of the custom tie shaped magnet models that you would find interesting

2×3.5 Custom Tie Shaped Magnets 20 Mil: Ties may be important pieces of clothing, which enhances fashion and status and holds the shirt in place. However, did you know custom ties can also be used to get your message out and to create a long lasting brand impression among your audience? That is where these 2 x2.5 tie shaped full color magnets can be of some use for them.

2X3.5 Custom Tie Shaped Magnets 35 Mil : Get these style symbols and your brand identity out with these trendy indoor magnets. Everytime your recipients see these style symbols on their fridge doors or filing cabinets they will surely be reminded of your brand and this unique gift item.

Browse our collection of custom magnets for more choices. Should you need any more tips and ideas, call us or send an email. We can make the task of choosing the bets gifts easier. Happy shopping!