Ribbon Magnets – The Awareness Campaign Staples Of All Times

Ribbon magnets are the universally accepted and one of the most recognizable tokens for awareness campaigns. Every year scores of awareness campaigns take place and for marketers who wish to participate in these campaigns will find custom ribbon magnets a great choice. Offered in a range of colors to denote a specific cause, awareness magnets carry a social cause and a great message over them. The recipients will retain these custom magnets for a long time as tokens of the social commitment of your brand and the support extended by your recipients.

October is observed as breast cancer awareness month and pink colored ribbon magnets will make a great choice during this month to spread the awareness message. Ribbon shaped magnets also make great fund raising items for non-profit organizations and cancer survivors. We have a complete line of custom awareness magnets that can be personalized with your brand and message to make it a great marketing tool as well. Breast cancer awareness car magnets are one of the most popular items to display on anyone’s car. Awareness magnets make a thoughtful handout to highlight your social commitment and your marketing message alike. Your recipients will retain these for a very long time as they will feel proud to be associated with this noble cause.

Budget friendly and easy to distribute and store, ribbon shaped magnets are well suited for tradeshows, mailer campaigns and community events. Here are some of the popular ribbon magnets that are on offer. Marketers who wish to join hands in highlighting the various social causes can employ these in their marketing mix to drive up their good will and brand exposure.

Here are some of the popular awareness magnets that can be considered.

Custom Awareness Ribbon Shape Magnets : These personalized ribbon shaped magnets will allow you to put your cause and fundraiser information before your audience effectively. Your recipients will love to retain these symbols of social commitment with pride. Marketers can show their support to popular causes such as AIDS awareness, breast cancer research, armed forces support, and more and highlight their brand on these made in USA magnets that will never fail to impress people.

2.6875x2.25 Custom Awareness Ribbon Shape Magnets 20 Mil

3.8×8 Custom Awareness Ribbon Magnets 20 Mil: Give the breast cancer awareness drives a boost with these attractive ribbon magnets that will stand out on fridge doors and filing cabinets of your recipients. Everyone will be impressed by these magnets for its pretty shape and the noble message that these carry. Personalize it with your brand and message and put your brand part of the awareness drive. Ribbon magnets make a great talking topic in the social and friends circles of your recipients as well.

3.8x8 Custom Awareness Ribbon Magnets 20 Mil

3.5625×2.45 Promotional Rectangle with Awareness Ribbon Side Magnets: These custom awareness magnets offer the dual benefits of a generous imprint space on the rectangle magnets coupled with the power of the ribbon magnet to make your message spread like wild fire. Order these printable magnets quickly and enjoy our free digital design assistance, free digital proofs, free full-color printing and free shipping offers.

3.5625x2.45 Promotional Rectangle with Awareness Ribbon Side Magnets 25 Mil

Which of these awareness magnets are you planning to make part of your awareness drive? Share your thoughts and the post too!

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