Custom Shaped Magnets- Shape Your Promotional Campaign The Way You Wish!

An ideal advertising campaign should drive up the brand awareness of businesses and lure your recipients walk into your brand and purchase your product. The best way to do that will be handing out custom gifts that bear your brand and message. Unlike billboards and newspaper ads that have only a very short shelf life, handouts like custom magnets enjoy a long retention and ensure assured ROI.

If you are looking for an imposing handout that will tempt your audience to buy your products and services, look no further than shaped magnets. Business owners spend a substantial budget in marketing their products and to get the returns they should choose popular handouts that everyone will love to have. The best way to go about the tricky maze of promotional activities is to find cost effective handouts that are hugely popular. Magnets have one of the lowest cost per impressions and you can find interesting models that would cost you only a few cents. The amazing interest that magnets generate in anyone who sees it is what makes them marketing juggernauts. Custom magnets can spawn consistent brand impressions for your business without any repeat effort or investment.

If you have been using the same custom gifts year after year, it will eventually become boring, making your marketing strategy less effective. This is where unique custom handouts like shaped magnets come to the bigger picture. Shaped magnets make a fresh way to remain visible and an ideal custom handout that you should invest in. Shaped magnets will make it easy for your recipients to remember your brand and products. For instance can there be a better way to announce the holiday offers of your pizzeria than a pizza shaped magnet?

Personalize these with your brand and message to optimize every dollar that you spend on each of these custom magnets. Made in USA from high quality magnetic stock material, these full color magnets will grab easy attention and offer long term exposure to your business. The low cost advantage of shaped magnets will make it a perfect option for mass events like mailer campaigns and tradeshows.

Here are some of the popular shaped magnets that can be considered.

Food shaped magnets: Make your promotions appetizing with these custom food shaped magnets that will lure more footfalls to your restaurants and pizzerias. Choose an appropriate shape that aligns with your business and get spotted!

2.25x2.875 Logo Imprinted Ice Cream Cone Shaped Magnets - 25 Mil

State shaped magnets: There can’t be a better way to announce your expansion plans of your business into other states or to reach out to customers that live in other states than these state shaped magnets. Put your message on and leave an emphatic impression.

3.5x3 Custom California Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Car & Van Vehicle Shaped Magnets: Add more wheels to your branding campaign with these adorable car shaped magnets that can be customized to turn it into powerful business cards , to announce your door delivery services and more. Nothing imprinted on these quirky magnets will go in vain!

3.12x1.43 Promotional Logo Van Shaped Magnets 25 Mil

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