How Custom Magnets Ensure Business Growth on a Low Budget

Custom magnets make a fun way to get your message out that too without any repeat investments or effort. On an average, how often do you make a trip to the refrigerator on a typical day at home? Did you know that people access their refrigerator atleast 10 times every day, which means that your brand imprinted on these refrigerator magnets will be exposed to them as many times! In other words your contact details imprinted on these magnets will have a captive audience 10 times a day!3x4 Custom Wedding Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil

There are not many promotional items like promotional magnets that can ensure an ROI as high as this for just a few pennies.

A few smart ways to employ Promotional Magnets
Make custom magnets value added gifts by imprinting something that your users will find useful. For instance you can think of adding a calendar, emergency tips or kitchen conversion units on these magnets to build value to your brand. This will make sure that your recipients will retain these magnets for a longer time and will easily remember your brand.

A well customized promotional magnet will ensure a lot of benefits to the business owners. Still thinking?

Here are a few sure fire advantages that custom magnets can offer.

Shapes galore: Custom magnets are available in various shapes including die cut magnets that can be cut into any distinct shape. Refrigerator magnets can be made more attractive by adding a whimsical design imprinted with quotes, artwork or information. Simple and fun designs grab the attention of your customers more easily and will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your recipients.

Referrals: People will surely love to talk about these custom magnets in their social circles. Studies show that recipients who have got custom gifts are 14% more likely to refer that brand to their friends. While using promotional magnets, your brand name will grab the attention of everyone thanks to their strategic positing on refrigerator doors.

Versatility: Refrigerator magnets enjoy a high level of versatility and can be employed in countless ways for marketing your brand. Business card magnets make a smart way to put your message right in front of your recipients. These budget friendly magnets will ensure high ROI and are well suited for mass mailer campaigns and tradeshows. These attractive and unique business cards will not get tossed away or lost but will be retained by your users for a very long time.2x3.5 Custom Resort Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Thank You gifts: Magnets make a delightful handout as tokens of appreciation or thanks. People who receive any promotional gift will develop a positive attitude towards your brand compared to businesses that do not hand out freebies. Make the most of the low cost advantage of promotional magnets and get your message out to the widest audience at the lowest rates.