Football Schedule Magnets 2016 – The Fun Way To Build Your Brand

The NFL season is upon is and it is the perfect time to think about customizing Magnetic sports calendars for business owners. Check out our 2016 football schedule magnets to create a buzz and to get your message out in a fun manner.2.875x3 Custom Collared Shirt Shape Magnets 20 Mil

These custom magnets are great promotional gifts for new or potential clients in your business. Imprint your logo and business message along with the sports schedule on these custom magnets and ensure brand promotion all through the football league season and even beyond as keepsakes.
Choose from a range of shapes and styles including football helmet shaped magnets, picture frame football punch magnets, football shape schedule magnets , football shirt shaped magnets and a lot more. We even have sports schedule magnets for each team apart from house shaped schedules for realtor agencies and a lot more.

Football schedule magnets will make a perfect option to push your sales in the sports season and to reach out to the massive football loving crowd. It suits school and local and professional football teams that are trying to position their brand credentials in the niche. The unique shape coupled with the valuable information of the sports schedules will keep your recipients glued on to these logo items. These custom magnets can be handed out as individual gifts or as a compliment with purchases. Discounts and value benefits can be availed on bulk orders.3.5x4.5 Custom Imprinted Picture Frame Football Punch Magnets 25 Mil

Football Schedule Magnets are highly effective as promotional gifts, fund raising items and team spirit items. You can even think of sponsoring your local high school team to leave an impression in your community. Hand out these football schedule magnets to build brand identity and loyalty.

Drive your sales well beyond the football season with these custom sports schedule magnets.

For fund raising events
Sports schedule magnets make excellent fund raising items as well for local leagues and national teams alike.

Here are a few smart tips to consider

Print your team’s schedule: Print your team’s schedule on these magnets and every one in your family and community will support the team by buying these useful schedules.

Local NFL team’s schedule: Make your custom magnets sell like hot cakes by imprinting the local NFL team’s schedule. Your recipients will surely love to have the game schedules of their favorite teams being stuck on their refrigerator doors for easy reference. Each team has 16 games in the regular season, which means that these magnets will enjoy a high retention.

Find a local sponsor: You can even imprint the details of the sponsor of your team on these magnets to make these popular fund raising items.