A Few Tips To Remember While Employing Outdoor Magnets

Outdoor magnets will take your brand outdoors by ensuring the ultimate portability and exposure. Let’s be frank about it! Custom magnets make excellent promotional tools to get your message out to popularize causes, to raise funds and to create a buzz for your brand. Budget marketers will find these logo items a great way to advertise their business around town.2.6875x2.25 Custom Ribbon Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Car magnetic signs can be imprinted with your logo and message and these make highly visible billboards for you to showcase your brand on the fleet of your vehicles or to promote your brand by sticking these on other people’s cars! Make sure to make these logo magnets attractive by adding witty one lines or punch jokes, fun artwork and more that will readily grab the attention of people on the busy roads, traffic lights or parking lots

The best thing is that these outdoor car magnets can be used not just on cars but on window display units of shops or in fact any other metallic objects.

Outdoor magnets are available in various models including ribbon shaped magnets, football shaped magnets, rectangle shaped magnets and a lot more. These attractive magnets also make excellent fund raising and awareness campaign magnets1.75x9 Custom Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Outdoor car magnets are not just for brand promotions.

Here are some of the less common uses of outdoor magnets that you might not have even thought about

  • Custom car magnets can be employed to clean up metal shavings and iron filings in hard to reach spots like drains.
  • Outdoor magnets can be placed on the freshwater intake pipe leading to your water heater to remove corrosive metal particles.
  • Put an outdoor magnet in your toolbox, which will help you to keep small tools without having to ransack the whole tool box every time you need it
  • You can even create a magnetic art collage by displaying these promotional outdoor magnets in interesting patterns. This will double up as an outdoor billboard where you can easily change your message to your recipients.

Custom magnets are a trending and fun way to get your message out for sure. So, make sure to include these highly popular items in your marketing swag and stay ahead in promotional trends.

Here are some popular models

Paw shaped magnets: For promoting pet care related businesses, awareness campaigns or fund raising events. Cute and easily recognizable, these paw shaped magnets will promote your brand without any promotional texts and messages!

Reflective oval shaped magnets: Make your brand message stand out even at night with these reflective ovals shaped magnets. Great for promoting concerts, fairs, sports leagues and more.
Browse our exhaustive collection of custom magnets to choose outdoor magnets that match your budget and promotional theme.