Employ The Daily Promoters Of Calendar Magnets For Better Brand Recall

Promotional items that promote your brand on a daily basis have always been a rage among business owners. Can you think of a few smart logo items that ensure daily promotion for your brand without any repeat investment or effort! Yes, you got it right. Calendar magnets!

These custom magnets make daily-use items that can be used in homes, offices , schools, showrooms or even in cars have been silent promoters for millions of brands all over the world. Long lasting, attractive and highly practical, these logo magnets will ensure brand promotion for the whole year – something that not many custom items can do. These are versatile hand outs that can be used to promote all types of sales or service businesses. We have a range of calendar magnets that it is never too hard to find the one that fits your marketing strategy. Imprint your logo, mascot or message on these to match your promotional needs and you are all set for a highly effective promotional item on a budget.

Versatile Shapes
The best part is that calendar magnets are available in various shapes and sizes that there is something special for everyone. Browse our industry specific calendar magnets like home shaped magnets for realtor agencies, or coffee mug shaped magnets for cafes and restaurants among others.3.5x3.5 Promotional Logo Coffee Mug / Tea Cup Shaped Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Dual-purpose calendars
Add a personal charm to these calendar magnets and pack a double punch to logo promotion at the price of just one by adding something useful like photo frames and memo pad to these calendars. Check out these delightful picture frame calendar magnets that will ensure the 3 in 1 benefit of a calendar, a picture frame and a unique home shaped refrigerator magnet for your recipients. To grab the attention of your recipients you need something unique and that is what makes these magnets really special. The massive imprint area will ensure ample space for your promotional messages and logo. Attractively colored and customized, these custom magnets will enjoy a long retention not just as calendars but also as refrigerator artwork and a handy hold up for all their little shopping lists and reminders.4.3x6 Promotional Logo House Shape Picture Frame Magnets 25 Mil

Business cards/ Thank you notes
Another clever way of making these promotional calendar magnets extra special is by enclosing a small thank you note or your business card on these. Every time they refer these business card calendar magnets, your contact information will be right at their fingertips—all round the year!3.5x6.25 Custom Business Card with Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Choose unique calendar designs
Choose unique calendar designs to grab easy attention and ensure higher retention among your customers. Let’s be frank about it! Everyone will love to keep these logo items on their refrigerator doors.


  • Choose models that can be used in mass mailer campaigns
  • Calendar magnets that allow the recipients to see all 12 pages without flipping pages will make a great choice.
  • Leave ample white space on these promotional calendar magnets for your recipients to write notes or reminders.
  • The more functional these logo items the more will be its retention