How Business Card Magnets Can Make Your Brand Unforgettable

A smart business card will make the best brand ambassador for any business. A card that leaves the first best impression will make your prospects remember your brand than anything else. Business cards sell your business at easy rates and will get people come back to your organization.2x3.5 Custom Electrical Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Thanks to the smarter counterparts of business card magnets, your logo promotion has now become easier than never before. This potent marketing tool can be imprinted with your logo, business message and corporate identity. The best part is that business card magnets can be precisely customized to go well with your brand. Be it casual, classic or anything that falls in between, business card magnets are available in a range of attractive models.

Here are some of the tips to consider while customizing business card magnets

Simplicity is the key
Make sure to keep the content to be imprinted on these custom magnets concise with just the basic information like business’ name, address and website. An easy to read font will enable the best visibility for your business message.

Business card magnets can be made attractive by imprinting images, artwork or mascot, which will enhance your corporate identity. An apt picture can replace a hundred words on any business card as it makes a simple and fun way to grab the attention of your recipients.

If you are planning a mass mailer campaign anytime soon, it is recommended to use 20 Mil business card magnets that your recipients will love to retain on their refrigerator doors. However, the thicker models of car and outdoor business card magnets might not be an ideal choice for mailer campaigns.

Now for some of our best selling business card magnets and industry specific card ideas that will get you started

Custom Electrical Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners: These power-packed business cards will surely grab a few eyeballs with least effort and investment.

Travel agent business card magnets: Make the most of the summer holiday season with these attractive business card magnets that will get you repeat customers and word of mouth publicity alike.2x3.5 Custom Travel Agent Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Veterinary business card magnets : The pet owners will always check for the most popular and the best pet care services in their locality and these logo magnets will lead the prospective customers into your business easily.

Looking for something different ?
Door hanger with business card magnets, business cards with calendar magnets or tear off business card calendar magnets are some of the other options that can be considered. Call us or browse our collection to choose the one that matches your promotions.