Ensure Portability For Your Brand With Custom Car Magnets

Custom magnets not just make adorable fridge door décor or add specks of color and identity to those filing cabinets in your office. Marketers who wish to put their brand on a portable trail will find these custom car magnets a delightful option. The impressive color choices and the generous imprint area coupled with a range of shapes and style choices will all make these promotional magnets the ultimate choice for the budget conscious.3x3 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Square Corners

Outdoor car magnets will make a trusted option for all types of mobile marketing drives.

Here are some of the promotional possibilities that you can consider

Election campaigns: Imprint your party slogan or candidate’s name on these custom car magnets on the fleet of election campaign vehicles. This will create a scintillating spectacle that will surely turn heads and stir up a lot of interest among the audience. Stick these car magnets on the doors, bumpers or tailgates of your cars or campaign vehicles and ensure a high visibility for your party.

Service and sales companies: These colorful and eye-catching magnets are great options to get the message out to the target audience for any sales and service companies like utility services, landscaping services, movers and packers and a lot more. Every time your service vehicles are out on a call, these logo imprinted magnets will grab the attention of everyone on the road, at the traffic signals and even at the parking lots! Not many promotional items can ensure such a brand exposure at a cost as low as this! The best part is that car magnets involve only one time investment and these ensure repeat brand impressions without any concerted effort or expense.3.125x3 Custom Star Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Mailer campaigns: Businesses who are planning a special promotion can consider car magnets for mass promotions like street corner meetings or mailer campaigns. Nobody can resist these attractively personalized magnets and every time they stick these on their automobiles, your logo exposure gets a fillip.

Tradeshow handouts: Car magnets are not just moving billboards for your brand but make an imposing over-sized business card too. Imprint your logo, contact details and a funny quote to make it a delightful car décor item. Nobody can pluck their eyes off these brightly colored logo magnets they see on the vehicles at their front lane and will surely strive to note down your contact details!

Car magnets create repeat branding for your business. Every time the fleet of vehicles sporting these flashy magnets hit the roads, people around will be curious to know more about your brand and this novel marketing method. Browse our exhaustive collection of US made magnets and choose car magnets that complement your promotional theme.