Grab The Special Price Offers On All Custom Magnets Sized 4×7 Inches

New Year can’t get any better for all those marketers who are die-hard fans of custom magnets as their promotional items. We have a special price offer for all custom magnets sized 4” x 7” that will offer generous imprint area for you to communicate with your audience. These full color magnets will grab easy attention of anyone who sees it because of the impressive size. Customize these with your quotes, artwork, message and more and see how quickly these custom magnets will turn heads.

Grab The Special Price Offers

Custom magnets can be used to promote all types of brands as these can complement all types of businesses and will never look out of place. Compact and light weight, these low cost promo items are well suited for mailer campaigns and tradeshows. The low cost advantage makes it a trusted choice for mass promotions and events. The best thing is that magnets enjoy a high retention and will enjoy a permanent position in the most strategic locations like fridge doors and filing cabinets.

Here are some of the 4”x7” custom magnets that will get your message across in a subtle and non intrusive manner.

4×7 Custom Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners: Personalize these sleek and impressive magnets with your message, quotes and tips and engage your audience with your brand many times every day.

4×7 Custom Refrigerator Magnetic Calendars Magnets: These magnetic calendars will stand out over refrigerator doors or cubicles and gain a lot of attention. Every time your recipients check out the dates or holidays, they will appreciate your brand imprinted on these calendar magnets.

4×7 Personalized Basketball Sport Schedules Magnets: Celebrate the thrills and spills of basketball, one of the most popular sports events in the country with these sports schedule magnets. The special price deal will make it easy for marketers to include these in their mass business promotional events without breaking their budget.

4×7 Custom Political Calendar Magnets: A great way to keep your political party and its leaders right in front of the eyespan of your supporters, political calendar magnets will make a budget friendly promotional item.

4×7 Custom Dog Care Magnets: These round corner magnets will make a high visibility billboard for your pet care business. Customize these with your discount deals, pet care tips and more to keep your recipients hooked on to it quite literally!

4×7 Custom Flower Delivery Magnets: New Year and holiday season is a busy time for florists. Get your message across to the widest possible audience on a budget with these custom flower delivery magnets. The generous imprint area will give the added befit of a creative canvas for you to place your message.

We have a lot more custom magnets listed under the special price offer! Hurry; good times never last long!