Custom Shaped Magnets- The Closest Your Customers Can Get to Your Product Line

The immense popularity of custom shaped magnets prove that shapes and colors attract customers more than print or billboards. It will make a tangible reminder of your products that will inspire your customers to come back to your brand more often.

2.37x2.12 Custom Printed Small Heart Shaped Magnets 25 Mil

Shaped magnets are offered in countless popular and even quirky shapes, which makes it easy for marketers to pick up an item that matches their products. These attractive full color magnets will make their way straight on to the fridge doors of the recipients and will set off word of mouth publicity as well.

If you are yet to make use of the promotional potential of shaped magnets, take a look at these unbeatable advantages.

Cost effective: Shaped magnets are low in cost yet high in visibility, which makes it a perfect choice for mass promotions and budget events. While conventional advertisements like billboards and newspaper ads can cost you a fortune, shaped magnets will fall easy on your wallets.

High retention: Full color shaped magnets enjoy a high retention as not just promotional items but as fridge décor items or souvenirs. Your customers will even love to use these shaped magnets as a hold- up for their shopping lists and reminders. Every time, they open the fridge doors or check out their reminders your brand on these shaped magnets will grab their attention.

Unique: For a successful marketing campaign, marketers need to create a memorable visual image for their business. Custom shaped magnets will make a smart choice to consider because these popular and simple handouts will never fail to grab the attention of your audience. Magnets will appease everyone irrespective of gender or age, which makes it a great custom gift to reach out to a diverse audience.

Tangible gift: Studies shows that even in today’s digital era, people value personal interactions and tangible gifts. This is yet another reason why pizza shaped magnets score a few brownie points. They build your brand image, offer free advertising inside your customer’s houses and leave behind a lasting impression. A perfectly customized magnet will make an interesting souvenir and a talking topic as well.

Bang on target: Shaped magnets will get across your message in a simple and accurate manner. If you are adopting a generic way of promoting your fast food business, customers may not be able to tell what you sell or what your specialty is; but if you use pizza shaped magnets the shape tells it all.

Reminders: These custom magnets will make high visibility reminders for your brand that scream your message. Every time your customers see these attractive magnets, their brand loyalty will go up one step ahead. Consistent brand impressions influence their shopping patterns and there comes a point when your customers think of your pizza shop everytime they think of their favorite snack.

We have an exclusive section of custom shaped magnets in our collection. Exploit all the opportunities provided by these small shaped magnets and make your brand the talk of the town literally!