Sold Sign Custom Magnets Make Powerful Advertisements- Know why!

Realtors often need to brag about their track records and achievements to draw customers. In a highly competitive market niche and they often rely on word of mouth publicity for an effective brand promotion. Custom sold sign magnets have always been an effective way to highlight the track record of realtors and to announce their completed projects up for sale.

Have you wondered what makes these real estate just sold magnets so effective? Let’s take a quick look.

Informative: Just sold custom magnets carry valuable information that the prospective customers may find useful. It is an important piece of information that they might be searching rather than a sales pitched advertisement.

Satiate the natural curiosity: Many people drop in to visit an open house just out of curiosity to know what is on offer even when they don’t have any serious plan to buy a property. When they see these just sold magnets in their neighborhood, it will pique interest in them and inspire to know more about the projects and explore the possibility of owning a home.

Even though a just sold magnet may not get a recipient to sign the check and buy the home immediately it will definitely give them a reason to consider buying a home. It will make a great talking topic with other neighbors which can spur further activity. Your  ‘just sold’ custom magnet will give you a lot of credit and repute in the neighborhood and will give a big boost to your brand popularity and goodwill. These logo items will highlight your expertise in the field and highlight you as a market leader.

Offered in various models and sizes, these custom magnets will increase the confidence of  the  prospective customers in your brand as they know that you deliver your promises. 2.25×2.75 Custom Real Estate Sold Sign Shape Magnets can be effectively used to indicate their property sales and build interest around their business. These budget friendly magnets will make a great choice for realtors to build their business and keep their profits high.

2.25x2.75 Custom Real Estate Sold Sign Shape Magnets 20 Mil

If you are looking to take your achievements outdoors and leave the competitors go green with envy, look no further than custom Real Estate Sold Sign Shaped Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets. Every time your recipients or employees drive around with these full color, customized magnets, you can grab a few eyeballs towards your brand. The best part is that these magnets will turn your business vehicles into a high visibility portable billboard that will never get overlooked!

Real Estate Sold Sign Shaped Indoor Magnets 30 Mil will make great promotional items for realtors to make new leads. Hand it out during property expos and tradeshows to get your message across and highlight your progress report in your business line. These budget friendly magnets are well suited for all types of mass promotional events like mailer campaigns and tradeshows.

Have you used custom sold sign magnets in your promotions? How effective were these in enhancing your brand visibility? Share your ideas with us at our facebook page.

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