Shaped Magnets Make Great Handouts For Pizza Fest

Americans are obsessed with pizza- the most popular snack in this part of the world! With countless pizzerias dotting every street, we have a sumptuous fare of lip smacking flavors and fillings.

 Americans even celebrate a Pizza fest on June 1st at Ankeny, IA every year, which unleashes a fun tide of games, food and music. It is a festival dedicated to all things PIZZA!!! Attended by pizzerias, restaurants and food truck vendors, plus domestic breweries, this free event draws a large fun loving crowd. From pizza eating contests to voting for the best food vendors, dough tossing contests and free pizza prizes – there is a lot to celebrate  during this festival.

If you have been regular to attend this fest or other food fests, you might have explored the promotional power of pizza shaped magnets to spread the word and get maximum footfalls. If not, this is the best time for you to explore our pizza shaped magnets and get started.

Custom Pizza Slice Shape Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil will make a great choice to get across the message of the upcoming pizza fest. Imprint these full color magnets to announce the date, events, contests and prizes. Every time your delivery vehicles ply around the city, your message will get the publicity that it deserves. The pizza shape of these outdoor magnets alone is more than enough to turn heads and leave the audience engaged.

1.875x2.625 Custom Pizza Slice Shape Magnets

You can send out mailers to announce the pizza fest to your regular customers.  Pizza Slice Shape Magnets 25 Mil will make a great mailer gift.  These attractively colored pizza shaped magnets will go straight into the refrigerator doors of your recipients. Every time they crave for a bite, they know where to find the best pizzas is town. You can get these magnets stuck to the refrigerator and billing counters of your pizzerias as well to grab the attention of the customers and pique interest in them.

1.87×2.62 Custom Pizza Line art in Black Pizza Slice Shape Magnets make great handouts during pizza fests or as discount coupons along with takeaways. The uniquely shaped magnets will never stop working for your brand.  The moment your prospects see these shaped magnets, they know pizza is cooking!

Custom Pizza Line art in Black Pizza Slice Shape Magnets 25 Mil

Need more? Browse along and choose a model that matches your needs.

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